Ink Mapping Brings Tattoos To Life Right On Human Skin

Oskar & Gaspar, a collective of visual artists from Portugal, can make your tattoos move quite literally. Using video mapping technique, they map a tattoo on a person and bring it to life with a customized animation. The project is called “Ink Mapping” and was presented during a live tattoo mapping event held in Lisbon, 2015.

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When in Doubt, Get a Text Tattoo

One of the hardest decisions that one has to make when considering getting a tattoo is what design to actually get inked on their skin. There are literally an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to this so picking the right design can be rather difficult at times.

What Makes the Best Foot Tattoos?

Choosing the best foot tattoos can be hard. Here are a few things to consider when you go to make your big decision.

Tattoo Art Designs and the Online Marketplace

Having a good tattoo design is a huge part of being happy and successful with your tattoo. The internet is making it possible so many designs can be previewed at once from all over the world. Start your search to find that unique tattoo that defines who you are.

The Most Famous Sister Love Tattoos

Sister tattoos are very popular nowadays. In recent times, these have become unbelievably popular tattoo art. And their popularity is growing day by day.

How Lasers Remove Tattoos

Learn how lasers remove tattoos. Compare laser tattoo removal to other methods of removing tattoos. Which colors and types of tattoos are easy to remove with lasers and why.

Getting a Tattoo – 4 Ways to Minimize the Tattoo Pain

Get used to it. When you show people your new tattoo, nine out of ten will ask that same question: did it hurt? You’ve probably asked that question yourself and maybe you are still struggling to find the answer. The thing is: there is no right answer. There is no way to predict the amount of pain that you will have to deal with when getting a tattoo. It may not hurt as much as you thought or it it will hurt more than you thought possible. And probably even more than necessary.

Tattoo Designs – The Perfect Time to Choose One

Is there really a perfect time to get a tattoo? You might be surprised by the answer.

If You Want to Print Tattoos That Are High Quality, Listen Up

Do you have any guesses as to just how many hop online to find sites to print tattoos every day? The number is darned high. The sad part is that only about 10% of those guys and girls will find the sites that really have crisp, quality drawn tattoo artwork. The rest get lost in an ocean full of generic junk. Here’s how to stop that from becoming reality for you, while being able to print tattoos that are high quality.

Back of Neck Tattoos – Where to Locate Great Neck Tattoo Designs

When you start looking for back of neck tattoos, don’t be surprised by the amount of generic junk you come across. Maybe you have already noticed this awful trend. I am just stating a fact when I say that the average person is not going to find much of the fresh, quality drawn tattoo artwork. There’s an easy way to change that around , so you can find tons of superb back of neck tattoos and the sites that have them.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo – Finding Sites That Have Fresh Artwork

You are most likely going to need a lot of luck to find a good, quality drawn cherry blossom tattoo. Most people who look for them will just end up looking through boat loads of generic junk and the same exact cookie cutter designs on every site. People just aren’t able to pull up the sites that have real, fresh artwork. Here’s how to leave that trend behind, while finding one great cherry blossom tattoo selection after another.

Leg Tattoo Design – Finding Amazing Designs For Your Legs

There are a few obstacles that will pop up when you look for a leg tattoo design. All of them basically revolve around not being able to find any fresh, quality drawn tattoos. That’s a pretty huge problem. Everyone is seeing the same generic junk in front of them and they can’t get past the cookie cutter artwork in the way. Here’s how to easily do that, while finding great leg tattoo design galleries.

Finding Quality Images of Tattoos Online the Easy Way

The average person will spends weeks looking through images of tattoos in every nook and cranny of the web. Do you know how many of them actually find the good, quality drawn artwork? The number is close to 10%. That’s it. Everyone else sees the same generic junk and completely useless cookie cutter stuff. If you really want to see the great images of tattoos out there, here’s how you can do it with ease.

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