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Hawaiian Flower Tattoos – How to Choose the Perfect Design That is Truly One of a Kind

Without a doubt, some of the most beautiful are Hawaiian flower tattoo designs. But you have to be careful when choosing a design. Much of the artwork you see on the internet may look great as an image, but often doesn’t look good on the body.

Best Pictures of Tattoos?

Where can you find the best pictures of tattoos? Here are your sources for the best pictures of tattoos that can easily inspire you to get some great ink!

Design Your Own Tattoo and Create a Work of Art That is Original and Meaningful

Creating your own tattoo design should be an enjoyable and inspiring experience. Unfortunately, many people end up frustrated and burnt out trying to sort through the thousands and thousands of options available. Here is some advice on where to start.

Zodiac Symbol Tattoos – How to Find a Stunning Design That is Truly One of a Kind

Are you having trouble finding unique designs that really inspire you? So many zodiac symbol tattoos are rather boring and generic looking. Here are some ideas you can use to spice up your zodiac tattoo so you end up with a truly original and inspiring design.

Printable Tattoos – What Are the Best Options?

Being able to view a tattoo design, print it out then take it to a tattoo studio is very convenient. However, there are some important things to consider so you don’t end up with a tattoo that looks great on paper… but doesn’t look good on your body.

Ankle Tattoos – 3 Tips For Finding the Perfect Ankle Tattoo

It’s not like that are a lack of quality ankle tattoos on the internet. While there is a huge amount of quality artwork out there, most people are stuck seeing the same kind of generic designs over and over again. Why does this happen? I will tell you why this goes on, as well as a simple way to avoid it. I will also share a simple tip, which can help you find tons of the great ankle tattoos you may have been missing out on.

Getting a Tattoo – Know the Risks

The recent growth and popularity of tattooing has created numerous safety and risk issues throughout the world. Before getting a tattoo it’s important to research safety issues related to tattoo procedures, studio hygiene, aftercare, and removal. Additionally, if you have sensitive skin you may want to investigate the ingredients used in tattoo inks, pigments, and ointments.

Ta Moko – The Tattoos From the Maori Culture

Ta moko is one of my hobbies, and I’m looking at improving from what I have already Learned…planning on doing some designs on a persons personality and whakapapa(family tree)…if you’re keen to leave me a description, I’m willing to try it out…definitely no charge!

Friendship Tattoo Designs

A tattoo is a wonderful way that friends can show how much they mean to each other. There are special friendship tattoo designs that are specific to this purpose. With these becoming more popular, it is harder and harder to find quality unique tattoos that fit into this category of tattoo.

Learn All About Flower Tattoos

With the variety of flower tattoos available, there’s nothing more important than looking at the many different designs to make sure you choose something you love. Flowers are especially difficult. Each flower tattoo has a different subjective meaning attached to its design and purpose.

Fairy Tattoos For Girls

Cultures all have different archetypes of what fairies look like and where they come from. Some fairy tattoos are characteristically ugly while some are delicate and feminine.

Guy Tattoos – Tips to Locate a Quality Tattoo For Guys

There are literally millions of guy tattoos to choose from on the net. The truth is that most guys are going to run into mostly generic, low end tattoo galleries for guys and not much else. Some of these men will even end up settling on designs that they don’t even 100% like because of this. Well, here are effective tips to remember when looking for any guy tattoos online.

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