Ink Master’s Oliver Peck’s Favorite Things | 22 Stars

Oliver Peck hates more things than he likes, but he bore with us to name all his favorite things.

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Star Tattoo Pictures – Finding the Quality Designs of Stars Online

You should not have any sort of issue locating star tattoo pictures online. The difficult part is trying to find the “quality” ones out there. It’s easy to get a hold of generic, cookie cutter stars and related artwork, but most of us won’t see 90% of the truly good artwork on the web. With that said, there is a way to fix it, while coming up with the good star tattoo pictures you really want.

Printable Tattoo Designs – Searching For Good Galleries of Tattoos

You can get a hold of printable tattoo designs in any and all corners of the internet. This doesn’t mean that you will find the “quality” ones, though. A majority of the guys and girls looking for good artwork will only find the bundle of generic, low end tattoos on the net. I will show you how you can reverse that trend, while locating the great printable tattoo designs that you’re after.

Finding a Good Tattoo For Women Can Be Hard

You may have noticed how hard and tedious it can be to find a good tattoo for women online. It’s not like the web lacks quality artwork, though. It’s just that most females (8 out of 10) will end up relying on only search engines, which hare terrible at showing you where the superb galleries are. This makes so many people settle on tattoos they don’t even like, which his a shame. Here is a better solution to finding a good tattoo for women online.

Chinese Dragon Tattoos

Nowadays, it seems that everyone has become captivated by the mysterious glow of the Far East. As a result, Chinese dragon tattoos have grown in popularity and occurrence. Some people get tatt’ed up with a dragon just because they like the design.

Heart Tattoos For All Personalities

When most people think of heart tattoos, they think of the classic red heart with an arrow going through it. Usually this tattoo has a name connected to it in a scroll. Today, the typical heart tattoo is defying the standards and becoming more creative than ever!

Butterfly and Flower Tattoos Make a Unique Tattoo Design

You can’t get much cuter than butterfly and flower tattoos. By themselves they are cute designs for tattoos. When you put them together you have the ability to make a very unique tattoo design. You can make sure you have a tattoo that no one else has by designing your own tattoo. I’ll tell you the best way to do this.

Black Tribal Dragon Tattoos – Where to Find the Best Tribal Designs

Black tribal dragon tattoos make a bold statement. A dragon tattoo alone can be very forceful. Combine that with tribal influences in black and you have the making of a much talked about tattoo. A black dragon tattoo expresses something entirely different than a colored dragon. Everything can depend on the design that you choose and you can find great designs online. I’ll tell you how.

Free Tribal Tattoo Flash – Are You Sure You Want a Free Tattoo?

You may not want to hear this but if you’re looking for a good free tribal tattoo flash, you have a tough road ahead of you. To find the best designs you need to take the word ‘free’ out of your search. If you’re going to pay good money to get a tattoo inked, why won’t you pay money for a good tattoo design? You get what you pay for. A great tattoo design may cost you less than you think. Don’t sell yourself cheap. Find out the best place to go to get great tribal tattoo flash.

Greek Tattoos – Find the Best Greek Designs

Greek tattoos give some people a chance to show their heritage and others a chance to have a cool design. In ancient Greece, tattoos were a form of punishment. They were used to mark slaves and prisoners. Times have changed but you want to keep that in mind if you decide on a Greek tattoo. The Latin word for tattoo is stigma. We have heard of stigma with regards to markings and that is just what an ancient Greek tattoo was – a marking of slaves. You need to find the best place to go to look for great designs and I’ll tell you where that is.

Kokopelli Tattoo Designs – Find the Best Kokopelli Flute Player

One of the most popular types of Native American tattoos are kokopelli tattoo designs. The Kokopelli is a hunched back stick figure-type flute player with little antennae like hair. This design dates back 3,000 years to petroglyphs (rock art) and pottery in the Southwest. Kokopelli tattoo designs are very unique but you still need to make your design unique to you. I’ll tell you how to get the best design.

Maori Tattoo Designs – Find the Best Designs

Maori tattoo designs are part of the Polynesian culture. The Maori people live in New Zealand and have a long history of tattooing. Most ancient Maori tattoo designs were on the face of men. Women were not tattooed as much but when they were, their tattoos were usually put on the chin or lips. Nowadays the majority of tattoos are inked on the body, like the arm.

Angel Wing Tattoos – Getting the Right Design

Getting an angel wing tattoo inked on your body can be quite tricky. This is a twofold process which requires extra precaution compared to other tattoo designs.

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