King Ruck vs. Keith Diffenderfer | Road to Grudge Match

After their canvas tapped out, King Ruck tattooed himself to stay in the competition. Keith chose to go upstairs and pack his bags. Now they’re back in the Ink Master shop to settle the score. New episodes of Grudge Match every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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Ink Masters Ryan Ashley Malarkey, DJ Tambe and Cleen Rock One take over the judges’ seats in a new competition that pits bitter rivals against each other.

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Female Tattoo Gallery – Getting Around Generic Galleries of Tattoos

How much time have you taken out of the last week to find a good female tattoo gallery online? Most people will say “a lot” and many women aren’t even getting to the ones that have even a little quality artwork. It’s a shame, because the top notch galleries are out there, yet the ways you look for them are changing. Here’s how you can work your way right to a good female tattoo gallery, while leaving the generic art behind in your wake.

Finding a Good Gallery of Tattoos – Where Are the Top Tattoo Galleries At?

Looking for a good gallery of tattoos can take quite a while, because the web is so cluttered with low end galleries in the way. No matter where you look, it seems like the same exact artwork is on every other website and the fresh, quality tattoo art has disappeared. It’s not that the quality art is not available to you, it’s just that the ways most of us look for them isn’t doing a good job. Here’s what you need to know when trying to find a good gallery of tattoos.

Locating the Perfect Male Tattoo in a World of Generic Art

Looking for a good male tattoo on the web has become a game of clawing your way out from under a hundred websites with the same generic art. Many men will even give up on looking for weeks, because it’s the same cookie cutter tattoos over and over again. The quality male tattoo designs as still on the internet, but you need to know how to find them, because the traditional method aren’t working any more.

Where Have the Cute Girl Tattoos Gone?

It’s almost like all of the cute girl tattoos have been stripped from the web, never to return again. If you have spent any amount of time scouring through the internet for quality artwork, you probably know what I am talking about. You can get a hold of all the generic cookie cutter designs you want, but the quality art has disappeared into thin air. The truth is that the good tattoo galleries are still out there, but you’ll need a way to find the ones that have fresh, cute girl tattoos.

Lower Back Tattoos – Designs of Lower Back Tattoo

Lower back tattoos have been steadily growing in popularity since the early 1990’s. But since the millennium the growth in the number of these tattoos has been explosive.

Artwork For Tattoos – Locating the Quality Tattoo Art Online

Looking for artwork for tattoos on the web has become a struggle that many of us have become familiar with. Has all of the quality art been stripped from the internet, never to return? It sue seems like that’s the case, but the truth is that it’s the way we “look” for the tattoo art that is leading us in the wrong direction. Here’s how to reverse that trend, while finding the quality artwork for tattoos that you’re after.

Locating Quality Tattoo Wings – You Need Superb Art

Looking for good tattoo wings is not something you want to take lightly. They are very prominent, yet they can look amazing if you get the right quality artwork for them. They can also turn out looking generic and bland if you rush your decision and pick something hundreds of other people have. Here’s how to find the original, superb artwork for tattoo wings online.

Forearm Tattoos – Finding Superb Designs For Your Forearms

Looking for good forearm tattoos on the internet has become almost as difficult as trying to ride a bicycle for the very first time. It can take quite a while. As a matter of fact, many people end up settling on generic designs way before they even get to the great artwork, which is a shame. I want to let you know why this happens so often and how to reverse that trend. Nothing should make you settle on generic forearm tattoos.

Tribal Tiger Tattoos

Tiger tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos in the world right now. These amazing pieces of art look great almost anywhere on the body. Tiger tattoo designs are perfect for your back, arm, leg or any other part of your body. A poll conducted online in January 2008 estimated that 14% of all adults in the United States have at least one tattoo. Tattoos are popular all over the world, especially among men and women aged 18-29.

Arm Sleeve Tattoos – Types of Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve tattoos are typically very large and intricate designs which can take a long time to complete. Therefore they compete more expensive and require a great deal of commitment.

How to Find a Good Original Tattoo Online

Many people have difficulty finding a good original tattoo online. Many of the so called original tattoos found in search engines are viewed by millions of people so it is likely if you find a free tattoo design site you will have the same tattoo as someone else.

Scorpion Tattoo Design and Meaning

Discover the meaning behind the scorpion tattoo and get design ideas. This article tells what design and factors make a scorpion tattoo traditionally masculine or feminine.

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