Love Really Is Forever ♥ Creative Couples Tattoos

Some couples like to take the phrase “wear your heart on your sleeve” very seriously by inking in an homage to their soulmate on their skin. Anyone can say “I do,” but it takes a lot of courage to make this permanent testimonial to your love. These couples must be really sure they’ve found “The One.” Take a look at these couples’ creative odes to each other. After all, nothing says “forever” like a tattoo!

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Star Tattoos – Unique Places to Get Inked With a Star

Star tattoos are so extremely easy to personalize and versatile enough for anyone to put anywhere! Check out some of these totally creative ideas before you choose exactly where you want to put your next star tattoo.

Tribal Tattoos – Sexiest Spots For Men to Get Inked

There’s something very cool about tribal tattoos that everyone can’t help but notice. Maybe it’s the free-flowing lines or the intricacy of the designs. Maybe it’s the rough elements mixed into the softness of the drawing. Whatever it is, men and women love them and place them all over their bodies.

Proper Care of a New Tattoo – 7 Must Read Tips on How to Care For New Tattoos

Many “tattoo noobs” are oblivious to the subject of how to care for new tattoos. Instead of concerning themselves with the health and safety aspect, they tend to focus more emphasis on “what tattoo should I get?” or “where to find the best tattoo design?” and what not. Without further blabbing, here are a several must read tips on how to care for new tattoos.

Free Tattoo Designs Help You Build a Successful Tattoo Business

Let’s face it; everyone loves free stuff. It makes them feel valued. It makes a person feel important to get “the hook up”. Even if they do pay for something, free bonuses always add to the value of the purchase.

Tribal Tattoos – Top 3 Sexiest Spots For Women to Get Inked

It’s hard to ignore how cool tribal tattoos look on a person’s body. Even if you’d never get one on your body, I’m sure you can appreciate the intricacy and rigid yet free-flowing lines of the tattoo design. Tribal tattoos designs are favored by men and women for these reasons among many others.

Dragon Tattoos – Coolest Places to Wear Them

Dragon tattoos are some of the most flexible tattoo designs that fit just about any body part. You can make your dragon twist and turn around any part of your body making the tattoo totally customizable for you! Check out some of these creative and unique design ideas for you to consider before choosing a final place to put your next dragon tattoo.

Free Tattoo Designs For Serious Tattoo Artists

Calling all tattoo artists who want to build their clientele and take their business to the next level! This is an eye-opening, profit-building must read. Take these steps to show your clients that you’re THE tattoo expert to go to!

Cute Fairy Tattoos – Finding Unique Designs is No Fairy Tale!

it finally came to my attention that In order to find cute fairy tattoos that are creatively unique, you don’t have to drill deep into the search results or go from websites to websites. Unless you’re absolutely in love with doing redundant tasks, I suggest that you check out the following source to pick up a plethora of ideas for your own tattoo design.

Remembrance Tattoo For a Child

The one thing that no parent should have to do is bury their child. Unfortunately, this tragic event happens more than we would like to think and parents are forced to bury their children before they themselves die.

Cross Tattoos – Unique Places to Wear Them

For the longest time, cross tattoos have been worn on the side of the arm to show the person’s faith, belief or tribute to someone dear to them. In modern times, people are straying away from that typical spot and are becoming much more creative when deciding where to place their cross tattoos.

Butterfly Tattoos – Sexiest Places to Put Them Below Your Shin

Butterfly tattoos are so cute and very popular among females of all ages. There’s no one to say that a man can’t wear one, but if or when they do, the butterflies are often apart of another piece. Female tattoo wearers can get away with wearing a single butterfly tattoo design unlike men.

Angel Tattoos – Designs and Meanings For All

Angel tattoos are among the most favored tattoo designs by those who love body art. These tattoo designs are versatile for both males and females, young and old, and easy to integrate with other pieces and design elements.

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