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Moon and Star Tattoos – Finding the Great Designs

I am sure that you can find a ton of moon and star tattoos if you wanted to. The problem most people are having is that most of the artwork you locate will be generic, cookie cutter pieces that are over nine years old. The number one reason this happens is because we rely on search engines, which hare horrible at showing you the great tattoo galleries. Well, here is a good way to change that, while finding tons of great moon and star tattoos.

Finding Great Tattoo Styles Without Settling For Anything Less

Finding great tattoo styles can be difficult, which his why a lot of people end up picking generic designs that they don’t 100% like. It’s crazy that some folks would settle for something they don’t fully like, but it happens more than you think. I will explain why this happens and how to avoid it. I also want to share a quick tip, which will help you find tons of the great tattoo styles and galleries that you have been missing out on.

Tattoo Words and Sayings

What are some popular tattoo words and sayings? Make your ink pop by adding a tattoo word or saying!

Lower Back Tattoos – An Expression in Sensuality and Eroticism!

Today lower back tattoos are increasingly the favoured tattoo of ladies but don’t be put off guys because they are also as popular with men along with the shoulder, back and upper arm. Research suggests that when ladies have a lower back tattoo that it is a demonstration in their sensuality.

Design Your Own Tattoo Online

So you want to know a few tips to design your own tattoo? You have come to the right place…

Size Matters in Tattoo Design

Yesterday, my friend Jill was frustrated because she had created a tattoo design, taken it to an artist to get it inked next to another piece of art she already had as well as get that one touched up, and she was refused by four tattoo artists! Unanimously they claimed that the artwork, both her new design and the work she already had done, was too small! Apparently the design she had gotten earlier was tattooed by an artist that used a larger cluster of needles and the lines had become blurred over time.

Body Modification Or Body Mutilation?

By far the most extreme oral piercing available, a horizontal piercing is considered by many people to be body mutilation. The piercing involves a barbell that is horizontally pierced through the tip of the tongue. It is an uncommon piercing to get, and there are more risks involved than with a vertical tongue piercing. Nevertheless, it is becoming more popular every year.

Sanskrit Tattoo Designs – Let Your Skin Speak Ancient

Tattoos have now been accepted into the main stream and are no longer the preserve of rogues, villians or Hard Men. Normal everyday intelligent and intellectual people are embracing the tattoo mentality and one of the most favourite choices are Sanskrit Tattoo Designs If you are religious, or an art lover or just Joanne the local scrapbook keeper then maybe now the time has come to allow a tattoo artist to inscribe a Sanskrit Tattoo design on your lower back.

Angel Tattoo Designs – Choosing the Best

Are you thinking of getting an angel tattoo design and want to find more about it? Angel tattoo designs are getting very much increased popularity these days.

Angel Tattoo Design – Finding the Best Artwork

An Angel tattoo design could be a nice design to have but getting the best artwork of these angels is almost close to impossible. There is a lot of artwork of angels on the internet but none of them could be unique unless you go looking for it in the right place. In this article, I’ll tell you how to get best tattoo artwork from the internet like me.

Angel Tattoo Designs – Find Great Designs

The word angel has originated from the Greek work angelos which means a messenger. People usually mean it with the messenger of God.

Amazing Angel Tattoo Designs

People choose angel tattoo design for various reasons. It could be because they are religious or just want to show that they believe in myths.

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