Meet the Women’s Team | Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

Meet the Women’s Team. They’ll tattoo any style, any subject, any day.

Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes premieres Tuesday, June 11th at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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Feminine Tattoo Designs – Making the Right Choice to Live With

Feminine tattoo designs are a lot more intricate than men’s tattoo designs; there is a lot more detail to fit into something which will be smaller. Choosing the right design is a very important process and shouldn’t be rushed, I took over a year before I found the right design for me. The odds are very slim that if you rush finding a tattoo design that you will still like it in 5 years, make sure that…

Feminine Lower Back Tattoos – What You Need to Know About Feminine Tattoos

Feminine Lower back Tattoos are definitely on the increase, women all over the world have considered these at some stage of choosing a tattoo design for themselves. The lower back tattoo has become very popular in fact in 2007 it had almost a cult status. What draws women to have this type of tattoo? They can be very artistic, colorful and easily concealed for work of professional reasons…

Small Feminine Tattoos

Small feminine tattoos are perfect for every occasion; they look great and give a little mystery about the person wearing one. Tattoos are statements made by the owner so always be careful when choosing your design as it’s going to be with you for a very long time. Women look great with tattoos, especially if…

Koi Tattoo Meanings And How To Get One You Truly Deserve

The choices in koi tattoo designs are rich with diversity. Click here to find out the koi tattoo meanings and Where to get one You Truly Deserve.

Try Looking Through a Tattoo Design Book Before You Choose a Design

When you are considering a tattoo it is always a good idea to look through a tattoo design book. There are many benefits from doing so and this article will give you a few to consider.

Tattoo Design Ideas – 3 Reasons Why You May Want A Tattoo On Your Back

There many places get a tattoo in the back. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo on your back, you should read this article to help you decide.

3 Steps to a Great Tattoo

Here are 3 important steps to finding the best tattoo possible. Follow these 3 steps to have no regrets about your tattoo choices.

Tattoo Design Ideas – Questions To Start Asking Yourself To Get The Right Tattoo Design

Getting a tattoo is very exciting. However you don’t want to get in the wrong tattoo in all of the excitement. Read this article to learn about two very important questions to ask yourself so you can decide on the right tattoo design idea.

Finding Tattoo Styles Online That Fit Your Tastes

Looking for tattoos styles online is always a great place to start and it is usually the only people find the artwork they end up choosing. While this is a very easy and convenient thing to do, there are lots of folks who are settling for “less than” designs that they should have never picked in the first place. Guys and girls are choosing art that they aren’t 100% happy with and getting it inked on their body. Here is what you need to know.

Celebrities And Their Love Of Tattoos

It isn’t really surprising to learn that countless celebrities love tattoos, nor is it surprising that those who are in the public eye and in the media can have quite a significant influence on the American population’s fascination with tattoos. The stars have a variety of tattoos, and so pretty much all of their fans crave tattoos also.

Differing Methods Of Tattoo Removal

There are a few excellent methods of tattoo removal available today. It is important when considering the removal of a tattoo that you gather as much information on the different procedures as possible to find the best method for you.

Are Free Tattoo Designs Recommended?

Most free tattoo designs are normally made by those who know next to nothing about tattoo designing. In most cases, these designs are made by someone who is looking to make a quick profit instead of a true professional tattoo artist.

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