Mess with an Angel, Get the Horns: Elimination Tattoo Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

The Angels arrive in Houston with three local artists ready to compete. Blake, Mel and Mike have their work cut out for them.

Ink Master: Angels airs Tuesdays 9/8c on Paramount Network.

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The series features three of “Ink Master” Season 8’s top female competitors – Ryan Ashley, Kelly Doty and Nikki Simpson – as they travel the country and go head to head with some of America’s most talented tattoo artists. Competitors will face a variety of tattoo-based challenges to see who has what it takes to beat the “Angels” and earn a spot on Season 11 of “Ink Master.”

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Tattoo Equipment Sterilization

Often the individual tattoo fan will eventually take into consideration the possibility of doing ones own tattoos from home. While this is not always a bad thing, most states have laws that a person cannot perform tattoos without a clean and sterile environment. In the majority of cases, a health department official will come to the persons home/studio and inspect the area, making sure that he room meets certain levels of cleanliness. These levels are extremely high.

The History of Body Art and Modification

The existence of body art, AKA tattoos, is not one that has come to the fore in recent times. Quite to the contrary the actual existence of the process of tattooing and body art, though various in its’ origins, can be traced back for several millenniums. The word itself has many supposed origins, the most credible ones being that of the Chinese term, “Ta” which translates into “To strike something” and, more likely, that of the word “Tatau” which means “to Mark.”

Basic Tattoo Equipment Every Artist And Studio Needs

Most people have a general grasp of what it takes to do a tattoo, however some aren’t sure of the basic necessities that are required to preform a sterile, and proper tattoo. The following are names, and descriptions of the items you will need to get started.

Soldering Tattoo Needles

As a tattoo artist, you are more than likely to have found that the costs of tattooing can be great. However, some costs can be cut back considerably if you have the time, and knowledge to do so. Making your own tattoo needles can save you money, but is it worth the time? That is something that you will need to ask yourself. Every artist will develop their own technique in needle making. Although, it is more common to purchase pre-made, and pre-sterilized tattoo needles.

History Of Gangs And Tattooing – A Symbol Of Belonging

Throughout history, tattoos have often been a symbol for belonging, whether it be to a tribe, biker gang, club, or even in some cases gangs. These of course, aren’t the majority any longer as there are many good people getting tattoos these days. There are some huge differences in the way the majority of prison, or “home made” tattoos are preformed, and the sterility involved.

Tattoo Equipment Essentials – The Autoclave

Proper care should be taken while operating an Autoclave, I can’t stress enough that you need to READ, READ, READ. Your Autoclave should have come with a manual, take the time to familiarize yourself with the machine, it is imperative that it is operated correctly in order to reach the right level of sterility, and to prevent injury.

Taboo Body Modifications

Extreme body modifications are practiced by few in our community, however some become intrigued by it. Many examples of extreme body modification are scarification, branding, implants, and splitting tongues.

Chinese Tattoo Designs

In the latter part of the last century and early 21st century the western civilization has began to take a particular liking to the tattoo body art that has been practiced for centuries in the Eastern world, particularly that of the region of China.

Popular International Tattoo Styles

Though tattoo spans throughout the world some of the most popular styles in the united states, would be: Chinese, Celtic, Japanese and Kanji. It is important to first do some research before getting any tattoo, even spur of the whim tattoos.

The Many Faces And Styles Of Modern Tattoo Art

There are several tattoo styles that are gaining popularity in America. Though, in ways they are very similar, the differences can either make or break a tattoo. Understanding the differences can be crucial for a tattoo artist. The continuity and flow of Celtic knots, to the proper look of Bio-Mechanics. There are many different styles, however to go through them all, it would be a bit much. In this series of articles that I like to call “The many faces of tattoos”, you will learn the different types, and techniques of tattoos that exist in our country. There will also be some examples of artists which have helped to inspire the style of tattooing.

Tattoo Conventions

Tattoo conventions vary state to state, based on local laws and regulations. However, the basis is mostly the same. The tattoo conventions consist of many local, out of state, and sometimes foreign artists. This gathering allows shops to showcase their artwork, most will set up and preform previously scheduled tattoos in front of onlookers.

The History And Meaning Behind Biker And Military Tattoos

Throughout the history of tattoos, there have been a number of types that have become renewed. However, to fully understand the regenerated genre of tattooing, it is imperative to any tattoo artist to fully understand the roots of his/her career.

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