Most Insane Body Piercings Of All Time

Like tattooing, body piercing can get pretty intense. It’s often considered an art form or hobby by its “practitioners” who go beyond wearing simple jewelry to full body mutilation. Why? Well, we’re not completely sure. Some people enjoy piercing, others do it as part of religious ceremonies, and still others probably just want to look different. Whatever the reasons these are definitely the 25 most insane body piercings of all time.

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Tips on Selecting Your First Tattoo

The secret to how to get a great tattoo is to be prepared. If you’ve decided to get a tattoo, you should research the process first. Many people don’t bother doing their homework before they get a tattoo and then they run into trouble because they regret the decision later down the line.

Tribal Lizard Tattoo – Tips on Getting Your New Tattoo!

Getting a tribal lizard tattoo is a great idea, but I want you to know that you need to do the proper research before hand so that you’re happy with your new ink. This piece will have a permanent place on your body, so before you go and spend your hard-earned money you should really check out as many pieces of artwork as you can. This research can mean the difference between a tattoo that is okay, or one that you are completely happy showing off to others.

Tattoo’s and the Artists

Tattoo artist are under appreciated today. Lets give them the recognition they all deserve.

You Should Choose Sanskrit Tattoo Designs Because of These Reasons

Why should you choose Sanskrit tattoo designs over so many other types of tattoo designs? What makes them so much better? Because of these 5 reasons.

Tattoo Barbie Raises Some Concerns With Parents

In today’s society it seems that some parents will never agree with some sort of toy that is manufactured. The same can be said for Mattel’s new Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie. As you can imagine from the name this new Barbie doll comes equipped with a nice set of tattoo stickers that children can place anywhere on Barbie’s body and a tattoo gun that allows children to stamp temporary tattoos on the doll’s clothes and on themselves if desired too.

Top Tattoo Websites – Locating Them the Much Easier Way

Do you know why so few people actually find top tattoo websites now? The numbers are dwindling, because everyone still relies on search engines to pull them up, which his not working any more. You need a better way to uncover good, original, well drawn artwork. I’ll show you the quick and easy way to get a hold of the top tattoo websites, without all the struggle.

Locating Good Tattoos For Girls – Taking the Path Right to Quality Artwork

Shouldn’t it be fun to look around the web for good tattoos for girls? It should be, yet so many women are bumping into generic laced websites, where cookie cutter artwork is the norm. So few of you will get to the galleries that have original, well drawn artwork, because of how you’re “looking” for it. Here’s how to stop that, while finding good tattoos for girls and original websites.

How You Can Easily Locate Original, Well Drawn Pics of Tattoos

There are two kinds of artwork you can run into when searching for pics of tattoos. You can either bump into galleries full of generic, cookie cutter tattoo designs, or you can witness loads of fresh, original, well drawn ones. The percentages are very high concerning your chances of running into loads of generic junk, which is why I want to show you the easy way to stop it, so you can find amazing pics of tattoos.

Back of Neck Tattoos – Finding Original, Well Drawn Artwork on the Net

How long can you take skimming through loads of generic back of neck tattoos? It’s something to think about, because that might be what happens to you, considering that search engines are going to show you websites filled with cookie cutter junk. If you don’t want that kind of terrible artwork, here is the best way to uncover galleries of original, well drawn back of neck tattoos.

Locating Great Tattoos Online – It’s All About the Galleries You Find

How are you planning on finding great tattoos now? It might be time to rethink how you’ll do it, because there’s a good chance you will do it the wrong way, which will lead you directly to generic artwork and loads of cookie cutter junk. I want to share two simple tips, which will help you get right to those sensational galleries, which post great tattoos and fully original artwork.

Locating a Great Tattoo Sleeve Design Collection on the Net

You’ve probably thought about the kind of styles you would like when picking a tribal sleeve design. What you haven’t thought about is how you are going to find good, original, well drawn artwork. If you don’t, you will end up stuck in a loop of completely generic art. If you want to pick from better tattoos, here is the absolute best way to uncover amazing tattoo sleeve design collections.

Learn About Rihanna’s Tattoos

Rihanna is very popular and world-wide know singer that sings like an angel. She has released many top singles and sang at President Obama’s Inaugural ball. Her singing makes her different, but she decided that she wanted to be even more unique. So, she decided to get tattoos and a lot of them. This is what made her different than anything else.

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