Most painful place on your body to get a tattoo (part 1)

No matter how much you love the thrill of getting tattooed, it’s hard to deny that it can be a painful process. Getting a tattoo can hurt a lot at first – especially if the work’s being done in one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. What are the more tender parts of the body to have tattooed?

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Use Online Tattoo Galleries to Discover the Best Tribal Tattoos

Thinking about getting a tribal tattoo? Are you frustrated with trying to find “just the right one?” Consider using online tattoo galleries to find your tribal tattoo design. Finding unique, high-quality tribal tattoos designs can be challenging.

Tribal Art Tattoos – Some Tips to Minimize the Pain!

Although tribal art tattoos look great you need to be aware that there will be some pain involved. Remember the gun which injects the ink into the skin is puncturing it 20 times every second. The level of pain will depend on how deep they are penetrated into the skin. In many cases you will feel more pain as the outline of the design is being completed compared to when shading of the design is carried out. These Tips should help to reduce the pain.

Fragrant Tattoos – Smelling These Will Not Be Easy

The Genus Hibiscus comprises plants also commonly called hibiscus and less widely known as rosemallow. The large genus of about 200-220 species of flowering plants in the family Malvaceae (the mallow family, along with members like cacao, cotton, okra, baobab and durian) native to warm, temperate, subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world.

Tribal Sleeve Tattoos – Make Sure You Know How to Care For Your Tattoos

Along with selecting the right kind of tribal sleeve tattoos one needs to make sure that one takes care of it properly after it has been applied. Below we offer a few helpful tips to ensure that you take care of your tattoo properly so that it remains looking good for many years to come.

Want a Temporary Tattoo That Looks Real?

One of the best and worst things about having a tattoo is that is will last the rest of your life. This might not be such a good thing if you get the ill fated lovers name tattooed on you or some really ridiculous design you got while your were drunk. But for the most part having a real tattoo is the best.

Tattoo Fever – A Review!

This site offers the latest information on tattoos from the designs to everything else to do with the tattooing world. In addition to providing you with some of the basic information on tattoos, this site grants you access to some of the top of the line tattoo designs. To know more, read the review!

What to Expect After Getting a Tattoo

Now that the exciting part of getting a tattoo is over, there are a few things that you should be educated about when it comes to the after part. First and foremost you should know that after the hour is up and you take your bandage off there is a high possibility that there will be some pus and blood on the bandage. This is 100% normal so this should not alarm you.

Star Tattoos – The 5 Best Places to Ink Your Next Star

Star tattoos are becoming the most versatile and favored designs in the tattoo world. They have the flexibility to be placed anywhere on the body and never lose meaning. Take my design advice if you’re interested in getting a cool star tattoo in a very unique place.

How to Buy Tattoo Designs – The 4 Easy Steps

Looking to buy tattoo designs? Clearly it is not a decision to take lightly but it becomes a lot easier if you follow the following 4 easy steps…

Locating a Tattoo For a Woman – Finding Galleries That Have Original Art

When you’re clicking through page after page of artwork when looking for a tattoo for a woman, are you seeing high quality designs? The chances are slim that you are getting to the galleries that have crisp, well drawn artwork. The way most people search, they wind up at generic laced galleries, eying loads of cookie cutter junk when looking for a tattoo for a woman, but I will show you how to change that.

Wrist Tattoos For Girls – Locating the Best Tattoo Artwork

When you are scanning the net for wrist tattoos for girls, there are a few tidbits of info you will need. Without them, you may end up just like 80% of other women, skimming through countless amounts of completely generic artwork. Here’s the inside scoop on getting right to the galleries which post original, high quality wrist tattoos for girls.

Guy Tattoos – A Great Deal of Men Fail to Locate Decent Artwork

When you’re scouring the net for guy tattoos, you may not get to see the high quality artwork you want. Instead, most will get led directly to generic laced galleries, where they have their choice of only the most cookie cutter junk. If you want to stop this from occurring, here’s the quick way to do it, so you can pick from crisp, well drawn guy tattoos.

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