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Fan-favorite artists from past seasons of “Ink Master” face off to put their skills to the test – knowing only that there’s a challenge and a mysterious box containing their instructions, their materials, and their canvas.

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Phoenix Tattoo Design – How Do We Get The Great Artwork?

A Phoenix tattoo design is a great choice and these designs can look simply amazing if the right artwork is picked online. This seems like such a simply task, but the fact is that many (most) people are having a real problem with locating the quality art on the web. Some folks even go ahead and settle for tattoos that they don’t 100% like because of this. We don’t want this to happen to you, so here are some easy tips to help you out.

Tips To Choose Efficient Laser Tattoo Removal Practitioner

Laser tattoo removal is the most effective way to remove tattoos permanently. But to ensure that the treatment is fully successful, one needs to be careful in selecting a competent and experienced laser tattoo removal practitioner.

Taurus Tattoos – The Zodiac Tattoo Meant For You

Taurus tattoos are perfect for taureans who are born from April 20th to May 20th. To pick a Taurus tattoo that specifically suits you is simple, if you first learn more about the personality and traits of a Taurean. The first prominent trait of a individual born under the sign of Taurus is sheer determination. If any trait it is the one most commonly thought of when people think of zodiac related personalities. Like the bull they rampage through any obstacle, if they decide upon something they do not let anything stand in their way. And nothing should stand in your way of picking the perfect Taurus tattoo to suit your personal style.

Aries Tattoos – Signs Of The Zodiac, A Perfect Tattoo For You

Aries tattoos and zodiac sign symbolize the time of year you were born and the type of person you may be. With an Aries tattoo you can exhibit your true dare devil self with a look at me bold statement of who you are and all that you stand for. Dependant on when you are born depends on the astrological zodiac sign that applies to you. What better ink than the one that you were born to?

Top 5 Questions For a Tattoo Removal Patient to Ask

When you’ve decided that you’ve had enough of your tattoo, laser tattoo removal is the best option for removing your unwanted tattoo. However, many tattoo removal patients have questions about the procedure and some of them experience apprehension before they have their first treatment. If patients ask a few questions at an experienced tattoo removal clinic and are satisfied with the answer, they’ll feel much more confident in their decision to have their tattoo removed.

How To Pick The Right Tattoo Lettering

Tattoo lettering is an art unto itself. The type of tattoo lettering you incorporate into your tattoo is important as the wrong style could throw off the look of the whole piece. Chose the wrong type and your tattoo could look bad no matter how nice the artwork is.

The Story Of Skull With Horns Tattoos

If you are considering getting a skull with horns tattoo, you should be aware of what sort of statement you will be making with it. The skull with horns tattoo design can cause a lot of different responses from people. Some people, especially teenage boys, choose to get a skull with horns tattoo to present a sort of “bad boy” attitude.

Cool Tattoo Ideas – 3 Reasons Why You Pay Extra For A Good Tattoo Artist

If you’re planning to get a tattoo, you’ll need a good tattoo artist. The article explains a few reasons why you pay extra for a good tattoo artist.

Do You Consider Getting A Tattoo As Being An Addictive Action?

There are frequent insinuations about the “addictive” characteristics of tattooing and being tattooed. Many people have multiple tattoos; whilst many acquire them over a number of years, others will make regular trips to their favorite tattoo studios. Labeling this act as an “addiction” is unfair, unrealistic, and totally non-factual.

Star Tattoo – Strong Ink For Symbolism

Find out why you should definitely consider a star for a tattoo design. Learn the history and find out who’s wearing star tattoo’s and why!

Free Tattoo Designs – Sharing The Creativity

Finding tattoo designs is the first part in the decision to get a tattoo. Finding a tattoo that inspires you is important since a tattoo is something that you will live with for your entire life.

Fort Worth Tattoo Removal – Expert Advice On Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal patients in Fort Worth, Texas have an exciting new option when looking to safely and effectively remove an unwanted tattoo. Until the last few years, removing a tattoo involved costly surgery that would leave unattractive scarring and in many case be only a last-ditch effort. Thankfully, major advances in laser tattoo removal offer residents of Fort Worth a great option when they desire to remove a tattoo safely, fully, and without breaking the bank.

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