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Tatto World thanks to Naaga for talking about his tattoos on our youtube channel. And now we invite everyone to do the same and to share stories behind tattoos and answer some tattoo questions. So, if you want to participate in our new project, please write us: Thank you!

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Tattoo Me Now – How is it Different From Other Tattoo Galleries?

If you are looking for tattoos online there are certain things you need to look for in a gallery or website. There need to be plenty of designs to browse. There should be resources to review to get ideas. With so many tattoo sites on the net it should have that something special to stand out from the rest. One site that has all these is Tattoo Me Now.

How to Find a Tattoo You Want Online

Are you considering a tattoo? Careful planning will ensure that you enjoy it for a lifetime. It’s surprising how many people choose to get a tattoo on the spur of the moment, especially since this is a life-long decision.

What to Know Having a Wrist Tattoo

In the modern times, getting wrist tattoos is considerably safe as long as tattoo shops follow the accepted tattooing procedure. The following should be observed when you are having a wrist tattoo or any tattoo done. The wrist is a part of your body that is both visible and tasteful. It’s also considered to be very feminine. While the location works for both men and women, it is especially suited to accentuate the female body in a way that a tattoo on the arm or back body might not.

Why You Should Not Get a Tattoo – Lower Back Tattoo Designs, Chain Tattoos, and Other Regrets

Think twice about getting a tattoo for this one reason alone. If you fall into this category, stay AWAY from the tattoo parlor!

Top Tattoo Websites – Have All of Them Disappeared Recently?

If you’re currently trying to find some of the top tattoo websites, you’re seeing how difficult it can be. It’s almost as if they all got together and decided to close their doors.

Wrist Tattoos For Girls – Where’s the Crisp, Quality Artwork Right Now?

You’ve probably seen every gallery of generic wrist tattoos for girls on the planet. You can only see so much of this cookie cutter stuff before your head feels like it’s going to explode. Before you reach that point, though, I want to share two vital tips, which will instantly help you find so many of the sites that are sure to have original, perfectly drawn wrist tattoos for girls.

Lower Back Tattoos – The Need to Find Great, Top Quality Artwork

Nobody goes to a parlor any more to look at lower back tattoos. Everyone jumps on the web now, but most of you are seeing the same outdated, generic junk that you wold have seen in a parlor. So many of these flashy galleries are opening up and they plaster their pages with any cookie cutter junk they can find. If you make two quick changes to how you “look” for lower back tattoos, though, it can instantly be solved.

Finding Guy Tattoos – Instantly Find the Sites With Amazing Artwork

When you attempt to find guy tattoos, are you running into a lot of generic artwork? There’s a strong chance that you are, because 90% of us look for tattoo sites the same way and it always leads us to outdated, generic laced artwork galleries. If you are fed up with that cookie cutter stuff, listen up, because there’s a whole new world of original, high quality artwork out there for you when picking guy tattoos.

Back of Neck Tattoos – Quickly Get to the Great, High Quality Galleries

I’m not here to tell you what kind of back of neck tattoos are “in” or what you should get. Only you should be making that decision. I’m here to spill the beans on quickly finding the sites that have original, real, high quality artwork, instead of the generic junk you’ve probably been wasting your time with. I hope you hate cookie cutter back of neck tattoos, because you’re going to be seeing much better artwork.

Tattoo Art Gallery – Find the Sites With Tons of Original Artwork

Everyone I’ve met wants to find a tattoo art gallery that has original, perfectly drawn artwork. Let me ask you a question, though: Are you finding any of them, or are you constantly getting pulled into sites that are stuffed with the same generic junk as the next place? If you’re seeing the cookie cutter stuff over and over again, it’s time to change how you search for a tattoo art gallery, because tons of amazing ones are out there.

Hot Tattoo Lettering Designs and Ideas For Cool Word Tattoo Designs

If you are looking for a literary word or written tattoo design then you should carefully consider the lettering. Tattoo lettering designs are very popular these days and there are many great styles to choose from. You should do your research into the different types of fonts and styles before you go to the tattoo shop.

The Tattoo Design Process – What Should I Expect?

Going in for a tattoo design can be a very intimidating decision, especially for first timers who have never gone through the process before. The best way to avoid jitters and to make sure that your tattoo designs are done according to your exact specifications is to educate yourself about the tattooing experience, and allow yourself to come in fully prepared and aware of the situation.

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