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Cleen Rock One faces off against Christian Buckingham to coach the nation’s best tattoo artists as they compete for a $100,000 prize and the title of Ink Master.


Shooting Star Tattoo Design and The Nautical Meaning

When you are looking through and choosing a shooting star tattoo design, you should know the nautical meaning behind it and also where to look for the best artwork. I will write about both of these things.

Selecting A Thigh Tattoo or Leg Tattoo Design – Finding The Right Artwork

Trying to locate a great thigh tattoo or leg tattoo can be a very challenging task when you want to choose the best artwork. There is so much art to look through, and most of the designs that you run across are either generic or they have already been plastered all over the internet.

Lower Back Tattoo – Today’s Generation Craze!

Low back is on the hit list or say on the hot list. Lower back happens to be the first priority of every woman for having the lovely designs.

Design Tattoos – Create Using Oriental Lettering

One of the cool things about many of the newer online tattoo sites is they offer you the ability to design tattoos to meet whatever message you are trying to convey through your body art. Sites like Chopper Tattoo offer the ability to use traditional oriental lettering in whatever arrangement you desire to create an original message, statement or work of art you would like to have tattooed at your local shop. This is a far cry from the old days where you would go into your local shop and they would only have the …

Selecting The Right Tattoo Size For Your Body Shape

You’ve spent weeks searching through designs and eventually coming to a decision on tattoo location, colour, image and shade style. Now comes the equally important decision on choosing the right size and scale of tattoo to suit your body shape.

Unique Tattoo Ideas

The best tattoo is a unique design. Here’s how to find that unique tattoo design that will look great and differentiate you from the usual generic tattoo designs.

Beliefs Associated with Nautical Star Tattoos

There is no universal agreement about the basic design of nautical star tattoos. But most people agree that the sailors are the inventor of nautical star tattoos. Today the basic design differs according to the belief. Majority of designs are classified according to the points of the star.

Homemade Tattoo Machines – The Risks

There are many articles on the internet on how to make your own tattoo machine or gun using everyday household supplies. Electric toothbrushes, electric guitar strings and propelling pencils are just a few of the items that have been used in home design devices. Why pay over the top priced tattoo parlour prices or buy new professional tattoo equipment when a DIY tattoo gun can be manufactured so economically?

The Nautical Star Tattoos To Do Or Not To Do

Today every one wants to make the nautical star tattoos as the symbol of their cult. Sailors or marine related peoples, Christians, lesbians, Pagans, punk and many more groups want to identify their members with nautical star tattoos.

Star Tattoo Design

The most controversial design is the star tattoo design. It is quite possible that different meanings are attached to the same sketch of star tattoo. Star tattoo is very easy to ink in to the body. Due to its simplicity and ease of application, it is advisable for newcomer to start with the star tattoo.

Advantages of Looking for Cool Tattoo Ideas Online

You can look for cool tattoo ideas in tattoo shops or in online sites. Although a lot of people still prefer to personally interview and look at artists’ works, looking for cool tattoo ideas online has some great advantages.

Want To Get That Tattoo Removed?

Getting a tattoo is a painful enough process. Unfortunately, removing an unwanted tattoo is even more painful, both physically and financially. Laser tattoo removal has brought an easy, less painful solution to people who want to get rid of their tattoos. Read on to know how.

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