Russian Dolls Tattoo Designs

Russian Dolls Tattoo Designs .

Everything You Need to Know About Cross Tattoo Designs

Despite popular belief, the cross tattoo can be as varied and unique as any other tattoo you may choose to get. This is because the cross is not a purely Judeo-Christian icon. While people don’t think that way often there are several types of crosses…

Patriotic Tattoos – Do You Want to Have the Emblem of a Hero?

It is such a beautiful sight to behold a person with some patriotic tattoos on his body. While it is not too often that we will see people who have patriotic designs as tattoos, there are a lot of them who have it on their backs, actually. If you are interested of getting one of these kinds of tattoos, all you need to do is try to read more about the different things you need to know regarding the tattoos illustrating patriotism or love for one’s country.

Spine Tattoos – How to Choose the Best Design

If you are a true-blue tattoo aficionado, then you surely know how to choose the best-looking tattoos with just a single look from the art gallery of tattoo designs your tattoo artist will hand you. What is more, you will certainly be on the look out for some of the most beautiful spine tattoos in the internet before gong to your local tattoo parlor.

Need Help Tuning a Tattoo Machine? Learn How to Tune a Tattoo Machine With Online Tuition

Any tattoo artist will tell you, one of the most important aspects of tattooing, is how to tune your tattoo machine correctly. Not doing so will damage your chances of seeing the finished work of art you are aiming for. So please learn from a professional.

Lizard Tattoos – Tips on How to Find the Nicest One

If you are currently in the craze over getting some lizard tattoos, make sure you know your reason why you want to get one. In fact, there are two essential reasons why most people all over the world would want to have some lizard tattoos on their bodies. Know more about these types of tattoos by reading the rest of this article.

Egyptian Ankh Tattoo

The Egyptian ankh is one of the most well known Egyptian symbols and represents more than just strength. Before getting your tattoo read this article for more information about the ankh and it’s history.

Famous Tattoos – What Celebrities Wear As Body Art

Want to know the most famous tattoos and what is in style these days? This fun and informative article will explore the world of celebrity body art and why they choose a particular design. It is not recommended to run out and get a certain tattoo just because your favorite star is wearing it. A tattoo is a personal decision and the design you get should have special meaning to you.

Pyramid Tattoos

Pyramid tattoos are not something you see everyday but they are becoming more popular… why? Have a read of this article to find out more about Egyptian pyramid symbology.

Laser Tattoo Removal – Myths and Truths

Since the 1990’s, laser tattoo removal procedures have greatly increased in popularity. The rise of laser tattoo removal specialty clinics attests to the popularity of this procedure. Even so, myths about tattoo removal still abound. This article will attempt to debunk or confirm some of these myths.

First Tattoo – What to Get

This article is written to help you pick a tattoo design. There are many helpful articles on how to pick a tattooist and look at what to look for in a tattoo studio, etc. This is about my experiences that people have had picking the first tattoo. The effects of a good a better choice in design and positioning.

Egyptian Symbol Tattoos

Egyptian symbol tattoos were not only popular in ancient Egypt but are still worn by people today. This article will explain some common symbols and their meanings.

The BEST Way to Find a Tattoo

Want to learn the absolute best way to find great ink? Here it is!

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