Sarah Miller Returns to Coach the Men’s Team | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

The men’s team is lucky to have Sarah Miller as a coach. With her expertise, can she steer her team to victory? New episodes premiere every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network!

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The competition may be fierce, but art will be the great equalizer when men are pitted against women on Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes. Teams of male and female tattoo artists battle it out, but only one person will take home $100,000 and the coveted title of Ink Master.

Welcome to the official Ink Master YouTube channel. New episodes every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

Girl Cross Tattoos – Locating the Quality Artwork You Need

Looking for a quality girl cross tattoos on the internet is something that you should take a lot of pride in. It will be ink that’s with you for a very long time and you want to make sure you are getting something you are 100% comfortable with. To many females end up settle on generic designs that they end up hating, though. That’s why these tips to locate the superb art on the web is a must read.

Locating Quality Tattoos For Girls – Getting the Good Designs Out There

Finding the quality tattoos for girls that you want is something that you should take a lot of pride in. Too many women end up settle for some generic, cookie-cutter design that they end up not liking very much. There is great art out there, but most females end up seeing nothing but the bottom of the barrel stuff that has clogged the internet. I will tell you how to easily find the superb material out there.

Finding Girl Tattoos – Where Do You Find the Quality Artwork?

Finding girl tattoos on the internet is like finding money on the ground. It can be an exciting experience if done right. The truth is that many females are stuck in a rut and keep on seeing the same generic, cookie-cutter artwork over and over again. Some women even settle on tats that they don’t 100% like! Before this happens, here is how to easily find the quality art out there.

Tattoo Designs of Zodiac Signs – Find the Best Zodiac Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs of zodiac signs are becoming increasingly searched for. The reason for this is because people are becoming much more aware of zodiac signs and their meanings. It is very important for many people to be understanding of their sign and they take it seriously. Zodiac tattoo designs are great because they provide a way for anyone to remember and share their zodiac sign. People are proud of their sign and they want to make sure it is commemorated well.

How to Know If You Are Ready to Ink a Tattoo?

Tattoos are for life. If you don’t make a wise decision, there may come a time when you may regret what you did. Do not just think about short term gratification but also bear in mind and heart the long term weight that is attached.

Tattoo Removal – A Guide on How to Get “Un-Inked”

We have all done something that later in life we wished we could undo. For many this includes tattooing. However, there are removal techniques that have been proven to be very effective. Did you know that there are a number of tattoo removal methods that can be performed that do not require cutting into the skin?

Special Tattoo Design

Most of people interested in tattoos want to have a special tattoo design. In last 2 years I have always wanted tattoo. I have been researching tattoo designs for the same amount of the time. In my dreams it had to be perfect. I wanted it to be somewhat special.

How to Find the Right Tattoo Design – Sagittarius Tribal Tattoos

Tattoos based on astrological signs are pretty popular because you can easily relate to it, since you want to get a tattoo based on your sign. Sagittarius tribal tattoos are a way to make your tattoo a little bit more unique than if you get a basic Sagittarius tattoo. You should keep in mind a few things before getting your tattoo.

Lower Back Tattoos – How to Bypass All the Generic Artwork

It can be very hard to find the magnificent lower back tattoos out there. You are most likely a polished internet surfer and know how to find what you want. I will detail why it is so difficult to weed through so much of the generic, cookie-cutter designs on the web, as well as show you a surefire way to unearth artwork that is truly worth looking at.

Star Tattoos – Where Are the Quality Designs on the Web?

A sun tattoo can be one of the most inspiring and flowing tattoos you will ever encounter. There are so many great ways to incorporate this superb design and I am sure you have thought about most of them. If you are browsing for your artwork on the internet, then you have no doubt discovered that using search-engines to do it can be a mind numbing experience.

How to Reduce the Pain of Ankle Tattoos, and Properly Care For Your Ankle Tattoos

Learn how to reduce pain and properly care for your ankle tattoos. Whether you just got an ankle tattoo, or your just thinking about getting one, this guide is a must!

Finding Quality Tribal Tattoos – Pin Pointing the Superb Designs

Tribal tattoos have been around for a very long time. I am sure you know just how great tribals can look if you pick the right designs for your tastes. Gone are the days of getting some generic, cookie-cutter piece inked on your body, yet many people keep doing it. The reason this sometimes happens is shocking and it’s because the web is so overloaded with generic artwork that people have no choice. Well, quality art is out there and here’s how to find it.

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