Scars & Ink ►How to Cover Scars with Tattoos

Scars & Ink: A Guide to Covering Scars with Tattoos. Survivors show scars from self-harm, surgeries, and accidents and how they turned them into art. The meaning of a tattoo can take a heart-wrenching turn when the story of a person’s dark times go deeper than the needle pushed into their skin. Here are the people who stepped forward and bared their scars for the world to see. This is how they took charge and reclaimed their bodies with ink.

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Male Tattoos – Finding Galleries With Quality Male Designs Today

Everything revolves around how you are starting your search for tattoos. Nothing else matters as much as this starting point. With that said, if you are part of the 95% of men who continually use search-engines to look for male tattoo designs, now is the time to stop that right in its tracks.

Locating a Quality Tattoo For Women is Getting Hard For Most Females

Finding a tattoo for women has taken on a world all of its own. In 2009, it has become increasingly hard to locate even “one” site that has fresh, crisp, quality drawn tattoos. Here is a scary statistic. Only about 15% of you will find the great tattoos that you really want.

Upper Back Tattoos – Why People Can’t Find a Quality Back Tattoo

I don’t know precisely when locating good, quality drawn upper back tattoos become so hard, but it did. Just take in this statistic for a moment. Over 85% of you probably won’t even find “one” site that truly has quality artwork. It’s a shame, but most of you will jump from site to site that has generic junk thrown everywhere. Here’s an easy solution to this mess, so you can locate just about any great site that has upper back tattoos.

Star Foot Tattoos – Where’s the Good, Quality Artwork At?

It should be a pretty simple task to grab a bunch of good star foot tattoos, right? Well, that used to be the case, but time have changed for the worse. Over 90% of you will no doubt see the exact same generic junk and and the same cookie cutter images as the next person. Nobody is taking the time, or most of them just don’t know how to find good, quality drawn star foot tattoos, but there’s an easy way to do it.

Kanji Tattoos – Finding Great Artwork For This Wonderful Tattoo Style

There are many routes you can take to look for good, quality drawn Kanji tattoos. It’s too bad that 90% of you will take the one that never seems to work. The way things are now, the average surfer is going to bump into so many sites that have nothing besides generic junk and cookie cutter images. That’s it. Here’s how to reverse this statistic, while finding as many sites that have great Kanji tattoos as you wish.

Tattoo Design Gallery – Why Does Every Gallery Seem to Be So Generic?

Why has it become such a chore to pull up even one tattoo design gallery that has quality artwork? I will tell you why it’s become such a task and I will also tell you how to change that around. It can be quite easy to find the good, quality drawn tattoos you are after. There are two very important tips you need to know, though, in order to make sure you find one fantastic tattoo design gallery after another.

How to Save Money For the Cost of Tattoo Removal

Body art is something that, once applied, is meant to stay on forever. After all, it involves using an electric needle to inject the ink into the upper epidermal layers, where it bonds with the skin molecules. However, as permanent as body art is meant to be, some people grow tired of their body art.

Tribal Leg Band Tattoo – Tips on Your New Tattoo!

You have decided that you want to get a tribal leg band tattoo but you know that you have plenty of research to do. Getting new ink on your leg is a great idea, but I want you to make sure that you explore all your options before you get this permanent artwork. Think about it like this: you are about to spend your hard earned money on a tattoo that will always be on your body. Don’t you want to make sure you get the right one?

Tattoo Design Galleries Online – Are They Really Any Good?

Are tattoo design galleries any good? Find out if a tattoo design gallery is the way to go for finding your ideal tattoo.

The Risks of Getting a Tattoo

Unfortunately, there are some risks of getting a tattoo and the risks are no laughing matter. All of the risks that are involved with getting a tattoo can be very serious if not fatal. But this should not stop you from getting a tattoo because if you visit a clean well known tattoo parlor you will be safe and not have to worry about any of these risks.

Do You Know the Meaning of Dolphin Tattoos?

Getting a tattoo isn’t like picking out a new pair of shoes, for you’re choosing a piece of art that will be permanently etched into your skin. Think about that for a moment. You’d have to like a piece of artwork a great deal to have it permanently engraved on your body.

Lower Back Tattoo Designs – A Sign of Feminine Beauty

Tattoos are an expression of personal creativity. For women, they represent the ascension from servant and nurturer to the power source of feminine power and beauty. Some say the Amazons wore tattoos on their backs to celebrate victories in war.

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