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Firefighters Forced to Cover Up Tattoos

This is completely ridiculous if you ask me. It seems that our Firefighters that live in Los Angles are being forced to cover up their tattoos when they are on the job, on call, or hanging out at the fire station.

Crazy Fans’ Requests

Since today is Wednesday and I always do a celebrity post I thought I would go with the theme today and do another celebrity related tattoo post. This next topic I’m about to write about is a lot more common than one may think. I hear about things like this from time to time.

There is a New Record For Tattooing

A tattoo artist in Tyler Texas decided to try and attempt to beat the Guinness World Records of giving the most tattoos in one day. Derek Kastning, who is a tattoo artist at Rat-a-Tac-Tat Tattoos started to attempt his goal of breaking the tattooing record at 1 P.M. on October 25.

I’ve Noticed Something About Tattoos

Last month well let me rephrase that more like two months ago I wrote a post about the most popular places for men and women to get tattoos. Well if my memory serves I do not believe the wrist was one of those popular places.

Celebrity Tattoos – Brad Pitt

The first tattoo of Brad’s I’m going to start with is the one on his back. There has been a lot of speculation to what it was. But I’m here to tell you it’s not a map of New Orleans.

How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

I get this question a lot from people who see my tattoos. After they ask me all the normal questions, did it hurt, how long did it take and so on. They always ask how much did it cost?

Tattoos Help Identify Man

So parents that have a problem with tattoos maybe you should take this as a lesson learned. If you were to allow your child to get a tattoo or more than one tattoo. And if for some unforsaken reason if they were to go missing you are armed with these identifiable marks on your child’s body to help the authorities to find them.

Don’t Get a Tattoo Because a Lover Demands It

Alright, I know today isn’t Wednesday but I have another post sort of related to celebrities. I was reading the latest tattoo news and I found this story about singer Charlotte Church. She is demanding that her boyfriend and father of her one year old daughter as well as the baby she is currently pregnant with to get her name tattooed somewhere on his body.

People You Never Thought Had Tattoos

I will admit that I personally fall into this category. When someone finds out that I have tattoos they don’t believe it because I don’t seem like the type that would have them.

Baltimore Tattoo Museum

I thought this was rather interesting as well as pretty cool. There is a tattoo parlor/studio/shop whatever your prefer to call them in Baltimore that not only is a museum but serves as a functioning tattoo facility.

Tattoos Looked Upon Differently If You Are Famous

Since I did a celebrity tattoo post yesterday about Pink and she has 25 tattoos that I know of, I thought I would bring this up. Do you think that society looks at rock-stars, athletes, and celebrities differently if they have tattoos than a regular person is looked at. I mean for instance, Pink had 25 tattoos or more and if she wasn’t a singer do you think people would view her as trashy?

Celebrity Tattoos – Pink

Pink has a ton of tattoos. I could only find 25 of them on her, she may have more. The actaully number of tattoos that she has really isn’t clear. But here is a list of her many tattoos that I was able to find.

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