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Tattoo Designs of Stars – Follow the Stars to the Best Designs

Tattoo designs of stars are very common tattoos. It is a very versatile design which makes it popular. Just as there are many stars in the sky, you can find many variations of star tattoos. Star tattoos are popular with men as well as women.

Armband Tattoo Tribal Designs – Why Isn’t the Armband Circle Closed?

Armband tattoo tribal designs are very original. This type of design blends different cultures together. Armband tattoos generally make a good tattoo. Depending on where you place it, you can easily cover it with a long sleeve or even short sleeve shirt.

Is Your Spirituality Showing With a Religious Tattoo?

Tattoos have been popular throughout history and have been a prominent part of almost every culture that existed before the birth of Christ. They have been found in archaeological remains all over the globe on the mummies of men, women, children and even on toy dolls.

Christian Tattoos Express Your Christian Spirituality on Your Body

Christian Tattoos are a great way to express your spirituality. A tattoo makes a statement to the world about you. It is our way of expressing our personality. Our personality is unique so our tattoo must be unique. Stay with me and you will find the best way to get a unique tattoo design that expresses your personality.

The Basics of Laser Tattoo Removal

While only a small percentage of the population ever gets a tattoo, nearly half of all who do will want to have it removed at some point. This used to be a complex, painful process involving traditional surgical methods and skin grafts. The good news is that removal of these body designs has become much simpler and more successful today. The introduction of lasers into the world of cosmetic surgery has made all the difference in tattoo removal.

Hip Tattoo Gallery – Is That Hip Pain Worth It?

Hip tattoos on women are one of the most sensual tattoos out there. Depending on the placement of the tattoo, it can easily be covered up and just as easily shown to a special few. A hip tattoo gallery would consist of designs that look especially good on the hip. Do you know the best place to find good hip tattoos?

Gothic Cross Tattoos – Find Your Cross to Bear

Gothic cross tattoos are symbols of Christianity that have taken on a darker side. Gothic cross tattoos are heavy and bold. They are usually done in black or dark colors. The gothic subculture is preoccupied with death and the tattoos that represent it show that preoccupation.

Chinese Zodiac Tattoo Symbols

Chinese zodiac symbols as tattoo designs are distinctly unique and very personalized. While utilizing animals as symbols, its zodiac signs are illustrated as Chinese characters and incorporate color and nature’s elements to each type. Combined, these result in 60 possible variations for personality interpretations in each sign. As such, choosing a Chinese zodiac design is an excellent manifestation of identity symbolism and expression in tattoo art.

Tattoo of Crosses to Cross Your Body

A tattoo of crosses can take various forms. The good thing about tattoo designs is you can design your own to make it unique. If you want to express your spirituality with crosses, you can determine how you want to express. A tattoo design gallery can give you lots of options on the type of designs to use and then you can come up with what you are looking for yourself.

Gothic Tattoos – Tattoos That Reveal a Dark Side

Gothic tattoos show a person’s dark side. How much of that dark side you want to show is up to you. Some people might be a closet goth. If so, you can discriminately place your tattoos somewhere that you can control its view.

Vampire Tattoos For the Vampire at Heart

Vampire tattoos can be very disturbing. Obviously that’s the point of the tattoo. Vampire tattoos are one type of gothic tattoo that people are getting. Sometimes the images are vampire women or maybe just teeth. Since there aren’t many vampire tattoos in the mainstream, you want to be careful that you don’t get a tattoo that had been replicated many times over.

Tattoo Back Design – Finding the Quality Artwork For Your Body

Many people soon find out that it’s not as simple as just picking a tattoo back design and running to get it inked. There are so many thoughts and considerations that goes into getting tattooed. With that said, we still have tons of people rushing into their decision and settling on designs that they don’t 100% like. Here is how to avoid that, as well as a good tip to help you find a tattoo back design at many of the superb galleries you have been missing out on.

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