Stunning tiny tattoos by JonBoy that you’ll surely want to get

Tattoo designs and aesthetics come in a range of colors, styles and sizes. JonBoy of New York City’s West 4 Tattoo shop has carved a place for himself in the tattoo world by focusing on minimal designs with a modern twist. JonBoy’s famous clientele includes celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, but anyone can visit the NYC tattoo shop and treat themselves to a tiny piece of permanent art.


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Upper Back Tattoos – The Easiest Way to Pull Up Truly Good Artwork

You have many options for pulling up galleries of upper back tattoos. The bad part is that most people choose the incorrect option, which brings them to sites filled with generic junk and cookie cutter images. There is an instant solution to this, which I will tell you, making it easy and painless to uncover amazing upper back tattoos.

Star Foot Tattoos – Find the Sites That Post Superb Artwork

You already know what types of star foot tattoos you prefer. Are you seeing fresh, well drawn designs, though, or are you staring at bunches of generic, cookie cutter images? That’s the problem most individuals have. The solution is simple, which I’ll share with you, so it’s quick and painless to find huge databases of great star foot tattoos.

Intricate Celtic Tattoos With a Great Meaning to Them

The Celtic tattoos have gained great popularity in the recent years. The Celtic people have more than a thousand years of history. In the past, the Celts demonstrated their talents in intricate artwork. They specialized in jewelry, metal and weapons as they were observed to be warriors who were known for being fierce according to the Romans.

Removing Unwanted Ink With Tattoo Removal Creams

Can you remove an old tattoo with those tattoo removal cream products? This article looks at the answer to this question.

How to Keep Your Mind Off the Pain of Getting a Tattoo

One of the most common questions that is asked when the word tattoo comes up is, does it hurt. Of course that answer is yes, getting a tattoo is no walk in the park. You will most certainly experience some sort of pain and discomfort when getting a tattoo.

Tattoos of Stars

Tattoos on the body are a way to express what you feel. They are like an art where you put in your feelings.

A Tribal Heart Tattoo With Maori Design

Tattoo design on the body gives a different look to your personality. The design should be unique and should suit your personality.

The Octo Mom Gets Inked

Ever since Nadya Suleman gave birth to her octuplets the media is constantly all over her. Not only does she have the only living set of octuplets but she also has 6 other children putting her total at 14. She doesn’t have a job and hasn’t for sometime and she isn’t married let alone seeing anyone.

Tattoo Designs and Origins – Five Designs

Most tattoo designs have some sort of meaning and origin. Some are legendary, some are based on tales and fables, whilst others are factual. We try to present five different popular designs with their origins.

Find Better Art For the Tattoo Styles That You Want

Most people will have drastically different tastes in tattoo styles. No matter which style you prefer, nothing beats going to galleries that have fresh, original, well drawn designs. It’s too bad that 95% of men and women never find those places, but instead wind up entangled in generic, cookie cutter artwork. Here’s the solution to instantly finding sites that post amazing artwork for your tattoo styles.

Guardian Angel Tattoos – Getting Better Artwork on the Web

What kind of Guardian Angel tattoos are you looking at when you go to different websites? It’s probably the same generic stuff and the same cookie cutter images that you just got done looking at while at the last place. It’s getting crazy. I know why this happens and how to quickly change it, so you can pick from fresh, well drawn Guardian Angel tattoos.

Printable Tattoo Designs – Getting to Galleries That Post Quality Art

You don’t want to bump into huge galleries of generic printable tattoo designs, do you? Of course not. That’s exactly what is happening to most people, though. They get brought to cookie cutter junk, instead of crisp, well drawn artwork. The solution to this is quick and easy to implement, making it the best way to find better printable tattoo designs.

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