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Stupid, Worst, Weird Tattoos and Piercings Compilation 2014 HD
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Best Tattoos in the World – Best Tattoo Artists in the World.

The Internet is the Tattoo Artist’s Friend – PART II

08 MAY “Customers who get tattooed can see their own tattoo online, moments after the ink was put in their skin (all their friends saw their tweets)- and seconds later their friends are commenting on the work (possibly even making an appointment to visit the artist).” Internet is your Friend Using the internet as a marketing tool is a really good way to get your name out there as a new tattoo artist. You should ask your studio owner if their shop is listed as a business in the internet search directories.

Arm Tattoos For Guys – What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Tattoo

Men have been increasingly choosing to invest in arm tattoos in order to draw attention to arm muscle tone and form. Tribal and Chinese lettering tattoos have become popular, and the two have even been combined to create totally unique designs. But, before investing in a design, learn what you need to know to ensure a healthy and satisfactory result for your next tattoo.

The Art of Tattoos – Beautiful Self Expression

Tattooing has long been practiced since the old times around the world for decorative, ornamental, spiritual, identification, cosmetics, and even medical purposes and uses. In spite of some issues and taboos regarding this practice, tattooing continues to gain popularity all over the world; so does the concern regarding the potential risks involved with tattooing.

Hot Spots For Women That Wants a Tattoo

Tattoos have been known to be done mostly by men but nowadays, it has also happened that the same as what men does. Women are also into getting inked and tattooed. There are many reasons why they do so but same as the men, they keep it for themselves why they do it. So, if you are one of them that are interested to have some tattoos in your body then you ought to know the different female tattoo design locations which you can really think about and choose from. What are the options?

Bringing Out Your Attractiveness Through Lower Back Tattoos

All around “cool” society, lower back tattoos are making gigantic strides in the pop culture lifestyle. Designs are plentiful, and the application does not hurt as much as on other parts of the body. Sporting a lower back tattoo gives you the image of a subtle rebel and an aura of sexiness.

Celebrity Tattoo Removal – Stories of Tattoo Regret

Today, more than ever, celebrities are running to tattoo parlors in an effort to express themselves. With the number of celebrities getting tattoos on the rise, so is the number of celebrities with tattoo regret. Read more to see which celebrities have had tattoo regret and what they did about it.

Tattoos – A Whole New Way of Expressing Yourself

Gone are the days when tattoos were the trademark of so-called “bad guys” like biker gangs and outlaws. Gone are the days when the only tattoos you see are skulls, anchors and other crude designs. Today, tattoos are no longer taboo in society and many individuals from all walks of life are seen with a tattoo or two.

How to Pick a Great Tattoo

The biggest step in getting a great tattoo is the most often over looked. First you must find a clean and certified tattoo shop, that is established in your area with a good reputation. Than you have to do the work of researching the tattoo artist. You need to find out both about the artist actual tattoo ability but also about there work ethic, if you are getting a large tattoo in sessions you want to make sure your artist is committed to the shop where they work.

Tattoo Me Now – A Myriad of Designs to Choose From

If you have always been an artistic person and you are the type to make sure you are always able to express yourself in whatever way you want, then you must be wearing a tattoo right now. Or if not, then better make sure that you get one now. You will be surprised to find out that there is actually a wide assortment of tattooed designs that you can choose from.

Tribal Skull Tattoo Designs – The Next Most Favored Tattoo in Both Men and Women

A lot of people gaze at tattoos as a way to show off, become rugged, or just make a statement. Many of them are trying to express their feelings, lifestyle, or past. Over the years, tattoos have evolved into many unique designs, and they continue to grow and to satisfy the person getting the tattoo.

Learn How to Do Henna

Henna tattooing is a fun and beautiful and artistic way to experiment with. A traditional practice brought down to the new generation genres of artistic expression. What makes it even cooler is the fact that you can enjoy body art or body painting without permanently branding your skin and being stuck with it forever.

Important Information About Tattoos

Although the thought of something as exciting as getting a new tattoo may make you feel like running out and getting one on a whim, there are some things to consider before making such a rash decision. A perfect example of a type of tattoo that has become quite popular in recent months is the eyebrow tattoo. These types of tattoos may not be what you think, they are not used as a form of artistic impression but rather as a type of cosmetic surgery.

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