Tape Together: Testing Creativity With Tape? Flash Challenge | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

The teams have to create a piece of art with just electrical tape. Can they work together or will they fall apart? Ink Master: Grudge Match airs Tuesdays 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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Cleen Rock One faces off against Christian Buckingham to coach the nation’s best tattoo artists as they compete for a $100,000 prize and the title of Ink Master.


What To Consider In Getting An Aztec Tattoo

Aztec tattoo is actually one of the most popular sub categories for tattoo designs. It’s not surprising, therefore, if you find yourself deciding to get on. Before you decide to get one though, you should check out some important points about the Aztecs and their tattoos.

8 Tips For Coming Up With the Best Tattoo Design Ideas

If you want to get a tattoo, no doubt you want to get a great design that is uniquely you. So, how can you come up with great tattoo design ideas? The following are a few tips that will help you come up with the best tattoo design ideas for you.

Star Tattoo Designs – What’s All the Hype About?

People always tell you to reach for the stars, but no one ever tells you to get one inked on your back or arm. Yet the star, in all it forms, remains a popular tattoo design.

The Popularity of Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

So what’s so special about the dragonfly anyway? And what is it about dragonfly tattoo designs that makes so many people run out and get them?

The Ultimate Evergreen Dragon Tattoos Ruling The Tattoo World And Male Interest

Are dragon tattoos meant only for the damsels around? Seems like that is some wrong notion! Let’s be a part of the upcoming tattoo mania for the attractive men folk today!

Tattoo Aftercare – Six Deadly Sins To Avoid

Once you have your new tattoo it is important that you provide it with the proper aftercare. Although your artist should provide you with an aftercare sheet the actual responsibility for preventing infection and worse rests firmly on your shoulders. Here are some of the cardinal sins of tattoo aftercare which should be avoided at all costs to prevent your tattoo experience turning into a potential nightmare.

Tips to Consider In a Tattoo For a Woman

For some time, most tattoo patrons were men. However, times have changed and there are now various designs of tattoo for women just as there is for men. Before you do get a tattoo though, here are some things that you should think about first.

Unique Tattoo Images in a Diverse Tattoo Gallery

Tattoos are a growing part of todays’ culture with the young and the old alike getting them. Most of the time tattoos symbolize an important event, person, place or time in a persons’ life.

Do You Want Your Tattoo Removed, The Laser Way?

Laser tattoo removal has been touted as the best treatment for unwanted tattoos. So it is quite natural for you to opt for it if you want to get rid of that tattoo. But do you know the nitty-gritty involved? This article is an attempt to make you aware of many aspects related to laser tattoo removal.

Popular Tattoo Designs and Meanings – Choosing The Right Tattoo

Do people who submit themselves to the tattooist’s needle actually pick out designs for their meanings or for their decorative properties? Obviously, some would have a vision of what sort of image they are after and also, more importantly, some idea of why they are having it done. Still, there are some who would very much like to adorn this form of body art but are still indecisive on the design for tattoo.

Fade Your Tattoo – But Carefully

Looking to get your tattoo faded? According to the survey conducted by the American Society of Dermatological Surgery, around 50 percent of the people who get tattoos eventually regret having them and look for ways either to have their tattoo removed or faded.

Tribal Flower Tattoo

Today tribal flower tattoo is not the monopoly of nice-looking girls. Many boys and older people are also selecting this type of design. It is also observed that many peoples includes flower in their main tribal sketch, for example including a Lilly in the background of skull or dragon design.

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