Tattoo Artist Draws Unusual Tattoos Based On The ASCII Computer Code

Andreas Vrontis A tattoo artist from the island of Cyprus draws unusual tattoos based on the ASCII computer code. Signs and symbols that the artist combines in bulky portraits of celebrities, ordinary people and even animated characters. Enjoy this new video and let us know in the comments is it impressive or not?


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Tattoo Designs For the Arm

Most people embarking on their tattoo journey are thinking of placing their tat on their arm. There are many reasons why this is such a popular location for this kind of body art, but most folks don’t really consider all the implications of their choice properly before getting inked. This straightforward article brings up some very basic considerations and needs to be read prior to making any decisions permanent.

Tribal Sagittarius – 3 Tips For an Outstanding Tribal Sagittarius Tattoo

For anybody born between November 21 and December 20, tribal Sagittarius can be a great tattoo idea. Open-minded and freedom-loving, the members of this sign are known as the “wanderers” and ” explorers” of the zodiac. Their inborn optimism, positivity and honesty somehow inspire the people around them. Typically, Sagittarius is represented by the Archer. There are, however, other symbols that are associated with this zodiac sign. Incorporating these symbols can make your tattoo more original.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs Are Very Popular and Amazing

When done by a skilled and talented artist, a tattoo design can be a magnificent piece of art. However, what really makes a tattoo interesting and outstanding is the fact that it is inked into your skin. You can truly turn your own body into a canvass.

Find Good Tattoos For Girls and Websites That Have Lots of Them

I’m not going to sit here and try to tell you what style will make good tattoos for girls. The style choice is always up to you, but one thing will stop you from seeing the best, highest quality artwork for the design choices you love. This huge obstacle makes sure that 95% of people see tons of generic, cookie cutter artwork, while totally missing out on the real good tattoos for girls, but I know how to change this.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo – Locate Awesome Artwork For This Design Choice

You’ve probably put a lot of thought into the kind of cherry blossom tattoo you want. Have you found anything resembling “good” artwork, though? Most of you are having a frustrating time weeding through mounds of generic images and pages full of cookie cutter junk. This is no way to select artwork for the cherry blossom tattoo you want, so let me share two simple tips that will change this all around.

Tribal Sleeve Tattoo – Easily Find the Best Collections of Tribals

How many pages of generic junk have you gone through when looking for a tribal sleeve tattoo? If this is striking a chord with you, there’s a reason for it. The web is absolutely littered with this cookie cutter artwork and it can be just about impossible to bypass. With the following couple of tips, though, you will skip right past those awful tribal sleeve tattoo designs and get right to the original, high quality artwork.

Finding a Tattoo For a Woman – Instantly Get to Top Notch Collections

Finding a tattoo for a woman is a little like attempting to thread a needle with your eyes shut. Sure, you’re can locate tons of artwork, but I bet that most of what you’re seeing is totally generic. The web is absolutely saturated with this cookie cutter junk, but making one little tweak to how you “search” for a tattoo for a woman will bring you into a whole new world, where original, high quality artwork is all over the place.

Ankle Tattoos – Where Are the Sites Full of Sensational Design Choices?

There are a whole lot of garbage ankle tattoos throughout the web. There’s a good chance that you’ve clicked through 80% of them, too, because everybody gets dragged to these low end galleries. Even worse, we are missing out on the places that really take pride in having amazing artwork, but one quick tweak to how you search for ankle tattoos will open up brand new doors.

Getting to Places Full of Crisp, Crystal Clear Pics of Tattoos

Looking for good pics of tattoos is like trying to thread a needle with your eyes closed. It’s getting harder and harder, too, because so many galleries are opening up their doors and they stuff their servers with the most generic artwork. If you can follow one sneaky little trick when searching for pics of tattoos, though, you’ll fly to the sites that pack their pages with fresh, crystal clear artwork.

How to Get Rid of Inflammation During Tattoo Healing

After the completion of your tattoo it is important to care for it well during tattoo healing. When you get a tattoo it is like getting a wound or incision. You will experience some pain, inflammation, redness, and some scabbing (depending on how well you care for your tat). Magnetic therapy is a natural method to help decrease inflammation.

Things You Don’t Know About Awesome Chinese Tattoos

Chinese characters tattoos are getting much attention and adoration these days. Many tattoo lovers gaily embark on finding unique and smart Chinese words that fit as an awesome Chinese tattoo. Yet, as it turns out, many end up with mediocre Chinese tattoos (if not poor ones), as a result of not knowing what exactly does an awesome Chinese tattoo entails.

What Can We Learn From David Beckham’s Awesome Chinese Tattoo?

As Chinese tattoo is gaining an ever increasing popularity, more tattoo lovers are starting to give this cool type of skin art a try, including celebrities. Yet, getting a nice Chinese tattoo requires a lot more than money alone. It needs creative ideas.

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