Tattoo artist gives kids incredible ink sleeves

Benjamin Lloyd is a creative tattoo artist in New Zealand with a twist: he tattoos kids. He tattoos using custom non-toxic ink with an airbrush. Benjamin became an artist as a kid in elementary school. He was teased and bullied about a deformity on his hand, and would draw creative tattoos over his hand and arm. Now he tattoos kids in the hospital to help distract them from their illness and pain. He said nothing is more rewarding than boosting sick kids’ confidence. The only drawback is they don’t want to shower later.


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Why Sometimes People Fail When Learning How to Tattoo

Want to know why some people fail when they are learning how to tattoo or becoming a tattoo artist? Lets see what some of these reasons are shall we?

Tattoo Designs and Ideas For Aries Tattoos

Aries tattoos should be something that is symbolical of the enthusiasm, energy and zest for life that this zodiac sign possesses. Aries people are active, confident and smart people who are always on the top of the game. They always take the initiative and are natural born leaders.

Don’t Psych Yourself Up Too Much About Getting a Tattoo

One of the first things people associate tattoos with that are thinking about getting one is the pain that is involved with getting the actual tattoo. Let’s face it people, getting a tattoo does hurt and there really isn’t any getting around that. There are however some numbing creams out there that are available, but there have been a lot of mixed results with them. Some people report that that do work but the cream doesn’t last the entire time of getting the tattoo.

Variation of Tattoos

A simple search on the Internet will show a wide array of different types, sizes and color tattoos. Sometimes only the final decision on the design of a large amount of tasks and in itself. Although the sample copy, can be changed in just about any form of even more options.

Tattoo Art Gallery – Pulling Up Huge, High Quality Galleries of Designs

It’s time to change how you go about searching for a tattoo art gallery. Why? It’s because of the fact that nobody is finding the better, higher quality artwork galleries any longer. Nobody. The solution is right in front of you most of the time and I’ll tell you exactly what it is, so you can pull up one fantastic tattoo art gallery after another.

Lower Back Tattoos – Locating Large Galleries of Quality Art

Gone are the days when somebody picks out generic lower back tattoos and gets them inked. People are far more into the artwork they choose to put on their body, yet it’s getting harder and harder to find fresh, high quality tattoo art. If you want to bypass so much of the cookie cutter stuff, while getting to big, well drawn collections of lower back tattoos, here’s how you’ll do it.

Wrist Tattoos For Girls – Getting to Better Artwork Fast

Clicking through a bunch of generic wrist tattoos for girls just isn’t going to cut it. You want to see crisp, high quality designs, right? If you do, then you’ll want to take in the following info, because 90% of women end up weeding through tons of cookie cutter junk without it.

Back of the Neck Tattoos – How to Find Boat Loads of Quality Artwork

You have a slew of options when picking out back of neck tattoos. It’s too bad that over 90% of you will end up at galleries that only ave basic, generic artwork to choose from. Avoiding this issue is easy, though, especially if you change how you look for artwork galleries. I simple switch can bring you to so many sites that have fresh, original, well drawn back of neck tattoos.

Top Tattoo Websites – Getting to Them the Quick and Sneaky Way

If you are having an issue finding any of the top tattoo websites, don’t worry. You’re not even close to being alone in going through this. It all boils down to how the average person is choosing to “look” for them, which leads them in the opposite direction, straight to sites that put up bundles of generic designs. Here’s the sneaky way to uncover so many of the top tattoo websites around the web.

Searching For Guy Tattoos – Locating Crisp, Top Quality Art the Quick Way

Something has totally sucked the fun out of looking for guy tattoos. It could be the fact that 95% of men will get stuck going to sites that put up tons of generic, cookie cutter art. That’s actually what is happening, too, and so many men are missing out on the amazing places that post fresh, original artwork for their guy tattoos.

Chopper Tattoo Review – Are the Designs Any Good?

Are you looking to get a Tattoo to represent yourself? You would certainly want to get a unique tattoo for yourself as it is a symbol of who you are. Read this Chopper Tattoo Review and find out what is inside the member’s area and if Chopper Tattoo designs are any good.

Tribal Tiki Tattoo – Tips on Getting Your New Tattoo!

Have you ever wanted to get a tribal tiki tattoo but couldn’t figure out which one would be best for you? This article will help you choose your artwork!

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