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If you’re a little nervous about a permanent stamp, the best way to start is with something small. Whether you’re looking for a mark with meaning or just a fun design, check out all of these teeny-tiny tattoo ideas.

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Swallow Tattoos, Nautical Stars, and Cherry Tattoos are Hot Ideas for Rockabilly Girls

Have you noticed recently that many Rockabilly girls are sporting great old fashioned sailor Jerry type tattoos. Things like Swallow Tattoos, Nautical star tattoos, and cherry tattoos. Many of them are even getting great chest pieces done with the sacred heart and swallow bird tattoo in combination with each other. Read more to find out why.

Should You Get a Body Tattoo?

In the past, body tattoos seemed to be reserved for primal tribes out of the loop of civilization and sailors who voyaged far from home in quest of adventure. Neither of those lifestyles necessarily permeate today’s culture, and yet thousands of people from every walk of life are choosing to get tattoos of one kind or another, and sometimes multiple variations to adorn various parts of their exposed skin surface. Young and old, male and female, and rich or poor can be seen proudly displaying words, images, and designs on shoulders, backs, ankles, and even the face as today’s social …

Let Tattooing Be A Personal Fashion Statement, And A Chance To Establish Your Individuality

Whatever written about the much talked-about body-art of tattooing seems less. Taking the international fashion circuits by storm and creating cults for the gen-Y, tattooing is the most wanted fashion statement of today’s youth. A peek into why it is considered fashionable and what are its safety issues.

Hot Koi Fish Tattoos, Design, and Ideas! A Revitilization of a Traditional Japanese Design

This article looks at koi fish tattoos and carp tattoos that are quickly becoming a popular theme. What makes these tattoos so beautiful and popular at the same time? What is the symbolism behind them.

Nautical Star Tattoos The History, Meaning And Symbolism – What A Strange Mix!

The history, meaning and symbolism of the nautical star tattoo. Who owns the tattoo and whose interpretation and meaning is right? A symbol for finding ones way home, a symbol for individualism and self reliance or a symbol for lesbian pride? Read more to find out the right answer!

Japanese Kanji Tattoos – Meaning of Kanji Characters

Are you looking for a translation for a Japanese Kanji tattoo? Below are some important considerations to keep in mind before getting it done.

Female Tattoos – Because its Worth It!

It seems that a large number of females seem to be going in for large visible tattoos – no longer content with little tattoos such as roses and hearts tucked away under clothes. Females are definitely becoming more experimental in the shapes and sizes of their tattoo designs and more willing to show off their artwork in high visibility areas such as chest and neck.

Tattoos – Which Tattoo Designs are Most Popular?

Tattoos have become so popular now that people who would have balked at a needle hitting their skin are taking the plunge and getting inked. Here we review certain styles of tattoos such as tribal tattoos, celtic tattoos and lower back tattoos and let you in on why they are so hot.

Tattoos Hit Prime Time Reality Television And Become Mainstream. The Struggle Begins!

This article is about two brand new summer show on The Learning Channel (TLC) Miami Ink and Arts and Entertainment (A and E)Inked. This article will llook at the ramifications of the two reality tv shows on the tattoo industry. Is this good for the art of tattoos and the industry or will it be the downfall?

Body Piercing – Things to Think About

Body piercing has become very popular of late, from noses to genitals. But it’s not as new as some may think.

Tattoos; Not Just for Drunken Sailors

Before I decided to get my tattoo, I did some home work. I don’t come from a background of drunken sailors, so my only thoughts were those dark and dingy, back alley shops you see on late night TV.

Why Lower Back Tattoos are So Popular for Women and Some Great Lower Back Tattoo Designs

This article looks at some reasons why lower back tattoos are so popular among women. It also looks into some of the common symbolism in lower back tattoo designs.

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