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The final four have to survive a tattoo marathon – 4 tattoos, 90 minutes each. Can they ace this challenge or will they struggle to keep up? New episodes premiere Tuesdays at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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The competition may be fierce, but art will be the great equalizer when men are pitted against women on Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes. Teams of male and female tattoo artists battle it out, but only one person will take home $100,000 and the coveted title of Ink Master.

Getting the Right Zodiac Tattoo Designs

When you are looking for zodiac tattoo designs, there are many different choices in front of you. You will want to think about what style you want them in, how you want the design depicted and how you will tie it together on your body. When you are getting a zodiac tattoo, you’ll find that the first thing that you need to think about is the general design, so keep the following tips in mind.

What You Need to Know About Black Tribal Dragon Tattoos

When you are looking for a tattoo that is both tough and classy, you’ll find that you might be looking for black tribal dragon tattoos! These tattoos combine the strength and fierceness of the tribal tattooing style along with the sinuous grace and curves of the serpentine dragons, and if you are looking for a tattoo that reveals a great deal of your own personality and strengths, this may be the one for you. If you are considering black tribal dragon tattoos, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Understanding the Celtic Cross Tattoos

There is a wide range of traditional designs when you look into Celtic cross tattoos. Symbols used in ancient Celtic imagery draw on the powerful forces of nature. Celtic artwork originated from the Celts’ magical legends, which recognized the connection of all life forms.

Thinking About Great Gothic Cross Tattoos

When you are looking around for a great tattoo design, you’ll often find that you are drawn to the bold black lines of the Gothic cross. Many people choose to get a cross design on them for various reasons, but you’ll find that one of the most striking statements that you can make will be the design of the Gothic cross tattoos, which are quite prevalent both in Goth culture and outside of it.

Looking For Butterfly Fairy Tattoo Designs and Tattoo Art

For people who thought that tattoos were all about pinups and anchors, think again! Many people have decided that the art of tattooing is perfect for expressing various facets of their personality, and it just so happens that many people love to express themselves with some lovely butterfly fairy tattoo designs. When you are looking for butterfly fairy tattoo designs, you’ll find that you have many to choose from.

Tattoo Designs and Ideas For Rib Tattoos

Rib Tattoos can be a unique option to explore if you are looking on getting a body art. For one, it is not for everyone, you have to have the body and charisma to flaunt it. And most importantly, rib tattoos are considered by a lot of people as one of the most painful parts of the body to get tattooed, considering that it is close to the bones and there are lesser tissues to serve as padding to the skin while the needle is penetrating on it.

Printable Tattoo Designs – Where’s the Quality Artwork?

Finding printable tattoo designs is a pretty simple process. You just pull up your favorite search engines and go to work, right? While this may be the fastest way to find them, it’s also the number one reason most people see nothing but a slew of generic, low end images to choose from. Here is how to fix that, while finding tons of the good printable tattoo designs you’ve been missing out on.

Art of Mehndi

While Mehndi or Henna has been popular in the States for the last few years thanks to people like Demi Moore and Madonna, it began more then 5,000 years ago in the ancient cultures. The earliest record of henna being used was in Egypt, where the fingers and toes of the Pharaohs were stained just before they were mummified. We know of Mehndi because of the cultures and traditions found in India and other Middle Eastern cultures.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo – Finding Good Designs When You Get Stuck

Finding a great cherry blossom tattoo is not as easy as most people think it’s going to be. Sure, you can find a huge amount of generic and bland ones, but when it comes to pin pointing the quality ones, most people just can’t do it consistently. Some of these folks will even settle on designs that they don’t even truly like, just because they want to get tattooed! Well, here is how to locate tons of the good cherry blossom tattoo designs before you end up like that.

Online Tattoos Flash – Getting to the Good Websites

Most people start out looking for good online tattoo flash, but will wind up settling on some generic, cookie cutter design. It’s not that there is a lack of good artwork on the web, but most people are rushing into decisions and settling on the first decent design they run across. Here is a simple way to find the tons of online tattoo flash that you may have been missing out on.

Getting a Hold of a Good Gallery of Tattoos

Finding a gallery of tattoos is not a very challenging thing to do. The hard part comes when you are trying to find the “good” ones. Using a search engine doesn’t help, because most of what pulls up are low end galleries that have tons of generic artwork. Most men and women will miss out on a slew of great galleries because of this. Well, here is how to find a great gallery of tattoos another way.

Tips to Remember When Looking For Back of Neck Tattoos

When you are looking for good back of neck tattoos, you need to remember a couple of things. The first thing is that too many people are rushing their decisions and settling on designs that only “sort of” like. The web is overloaded with generic artwork and it is all most men and women end up seeing. Here is why that happens, as well as a tip to help you find tons of the great back of neck tattoos you have been missing.

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