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Kanji Tattoos – Read This Before You Get Inked

Japanese kanji tattoos continue to be popular for a beautiful and unique design. There is a certain sense of mystery around the symbols that convey a story and meaning with just one character. Although they do look great, before you get a character inked on your body, do some research on the Japanese writing system so that you know the basics before selecting a tattoo design. In the article we will cover the three types of Japanese writing that can be part of the tattoo design that you select.

Beautiful Butterfly

For the Asian cultures the butterfly represents long life (Tieh in Chinese) and their art work has reflected this aspect. They have also taken the symbol of the butterfly into modern day by printing it on kites, which are a great past time. There is even a symbol in the Chinese culture meaning love that depicts two butterflies kissing in air.

Laser Tattoo Removal – How Painful is it and What’s the Cost?

Laser tattoo removal is considered the best most effective method for removing unwanted tattoos today. Here you will learn how painful it is, how much it costs and the possibilities for scarring.

Starting a Tattoo Business – Basic Things to Consider!

If being a tattoo enthusiast is not enough for you, then you might consider getting into the business side of tattooing. The best business to be in is supposedly the one thing that you enjoy doing so if you eat and breath tattoos, then you have a bigger chance of succeeding in the tattoo business. There are several things that you need to consider when you go into the business side of tattoo.

Best Friend Tattoos – Today’s Most Popular Ideas For Friendship Tattoos

Best Friend Tattoos are a great way to celebrate an important friendship that you want to last forever. Your best friend is someone that holds a special place in your life and for that reason the friendship calls for a special tattoo. Here you will find great ideas for the most popular best friend tattoos today.

Tattoo – 3 Major Risks in Getting a Tattoo!

There is always a risk involved with everything. Even with medicines and medical procedures, there is always a certain percentage that something wrong will happen or have a side effect tolerable or not. That is why people take calculated risks. In the same manner, getting a tattoo entails some risk.

Tattoo Removal Creams – Effective Or Not?

Just as there are countless reasons to get yourself a tattoo, there are also a variety of reasons why you had to get rid of your tattoo. Normally, when you get inked it is because the tattoo is a symbol of an idea, a belief or even a person that is important to you. You always hope that things and people, and feelings are permanent. When circumstances and time tells otherwise, somehow your tattoo becomes a burden on you psychologically.

Tattoo – Reasons Why Many People Want It

The world is a washed with news of worldwide recession. The instinct of people is to size up their earnings potential, review the expenses they would need to reconsider as valid and focus on just the essentials to make it through the recession. It is no wonder then that purchases of goods and services that are considered luxury items are the first to go. Since a tattoo is not really needed for people to survive, it can be considered a luxury.

Letter Tattoo Designs – How to Choose the Best

As with any other design, planning is important. It is also true in choosing the design of your tattoo. If you have already decided on a letter tattoo, then you are already halfway in getting the tattoo that you want.

Tattoo Designs – Ideas – Where to Get Them

If you have been itching to get yourself a tattoo, then you probably have been scouting for places on what design to have. There are so many places to get ideas for a tattoo.

How to Make a Tattoo

Dermis, the skin underneath the epidermis is where the tattoo pigments are injected. Our immune system will naturally treat the pigments as foreign materials and engulf it. Over time, healing will take place and any damage will eventually flake out while deeper underneath the skin granulation tissue forms. This granulation tissue is responsible for healing at the same time trapping the pigments just below the boundary between dermis and epidermis.

Henna – The Best Alternative to Airbrush Tattoo

With the acceptance of tattoo to modern society, more and more people are enticed by the idea of getting a tattoo. The only thing that is keeping them is the fact that it is permanent and at the same time painful. Temporary tattoo addresses that problem. Temporary tattoo can be done either by airbrush application of temporary tattoo inks or by the use of Henna.

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