Tattoos That Every Travel Lover Should Get

Travelers are constantly collecting passport stamps, coins, fridge magnets and photos from their journeys. Some, however, choose to honor their wanderlust with memorabilia that lasts longer – tattoos. Here is a list of some of the best travel tattoos out there to give you some ideas if you’re looking for alternative ways to immortalize your lust for new experiences.


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Tribal Sleeve Tattoo – Find Awesome Tribals the Faster Way

I don’t know when it started, but nobody is finding decent tribal sleeve tattoo designs. It’s a huge decision to make, yet people are settling on such generic designs, just because they couldn’t find anything better. If you want to bypass so much of the cookie cutter artwork out there, here are the only tips you will ever need.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo – Locating Awesome Artwork For a Great Style

You’re trying so hard to find the perfect cherry blossom tattoo, but you just can’t find it. Sound familiar? It should sound familiar, especially if you have been looking for designs for a while now. So many people get stuck looking through galleries that put up nothing but bad, generic designs. A simple change in how you “look” for galleries, though, can bring you to tons of fresh, high quality cherry blossom tattoo designs.

Tattoo Removal – Here Are the Best Methods For Today and Some to Steer Clear Of

The tattoo removal business is booming today. The reason, with jobs harder than ever to find more and more people are having their visible tattoos removed to make them more employable. Here is helpful information on laser tattoo removal and other popular tattoo removal solutions for today.

Flower and Vine Tattoo Designs – Ideas For Trendy Tattoos

Flower and vine tattoo designs can be both edgy and delicate depending on the person sporting it and how the artist tattooed it. This is a favorite combination among girls and women alike because of its versatility plus the trendy and stylish image it can add to one’s personality.

Ideas For Your Flower Tattoo Designs – Go Unique and Edgy With Your Tattoos

Flower tattoo designs are distinctly feminine, a woman can never go wrong with this type of tat theme. Its a great body accent to exude her sexuality and at the same time, reflect the strong and resilient side of her.

Small Flower Tattoos – Tips For Girls in Choosing This Tattoo Designs

Whether you are a tattoo newbie, a girl who just turned 18 or who just had their parents approval to get inked, going for small flower tattoos can be a good option for you. Since you are new in this kind of body art, a simple and miniature floral images is the path to go. But with the endless possibilities out there, this can be a daunting and overwhelming task. So here are some tips and ideas on how to choose that perfect flower tattoo designs.

Tips and Ideas For Choosing Flower Tattoo Designs

First and foremost, one has to realize that flower tattoo designs are not just for women, they are very much for men also. In fact, floral tattoos actually started out as designs for men. With sailors, journeying through a long trip out at sea, a rose tattoo serve as reminders of beloved wives or mothers back home. Flowers were also used as fillers for other tats, such as those of pin up girls, barbed wire or heart designs.

Lily Flower Tattoo Designs

Lily flower tattoo designs can be enjoyed strictly for the beauty of it, but this flower does carry various meanings making it even more attractive. With its gorgeous petals and vibrant colors, a lot of people especially women just can’t stop admiring its charm, they just have to have it tattooed on their body.

Cherry Blossom Flower Tattoo Designs – Ideas For Meaningful Tattoos

Cherry blossom flower tattoo designs look very elegant, meaningful and decorous on one’s body. With their delicate pink-colored petals and reddish brown stamens, what’s not to love about cherry blossoms. Whether inked in single blossom or clusters, they have a certain appeal that makes them striking and interesting, one can’t help but notice.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Designs – Give Your Tattoos Some Tropical Style

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Designs are exotic, beautiful and pays homage to the state of Hawaii. Those people getting this type of tat theme are not necessarily from the state itself can they can also be visitors who had some memorable moments spent there and would want it remembered through ink. Others just love the flowers itself for their artistic appeal as well as the symbolism attached to them.

Lotus Flower – Tattoo Designs That Are Rich in Culture and Meaning

Lotus flower tattoo designs have rich and deep symbolical meaning attached to them making them a very popular choice among those who are looking to get tattooed. In general, the lotus is a flower of perfection since it emerges unsullied from swamps and lakes and still manage to be beautiful. This resilient characteristic of the flower makes it an inspiration for one to survive life despite the struggles and challenges that come along the way.

Rose Tattoos – Go Classic With Your Flower Tattoo Designs

Rose flower tattoo designs have been around for years and they were originally favorites among bikers, prisoners and bad girls during the time when tattoos where only favored by a few groups. Now that tats have gone mainstream, this flower is still around and still desired by a lot of tattoo enthusiasts.

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