The Coaches & Finalists on the Finale | Ink Master: Return of the Masters (Season 10)

Anthony, Steve, DJ, and the three lucky finalists speak to each other’s skill sets, who the toughest competitor will be, and the massive master canvases they have in store for everyone. Ink Master: Return of the Masters season finale premieres 4/24 at 10/9c on Paramount Network!

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Three of the most skilled Ink Master winners return for a new season. But this time, they won’t battle alone. Instead, they’ll be coaching teams selected from some of the top tattoo artists in the country. The artists will be put through extreme challenges proving their skill and grit in an epic battle for $100,000 and the title of INK MASTER.

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Tattoos, But No Regrets

Getting a tattoo has become more and more mainstream recently. While it always seems like a fun idea at the time, lots of people wind up regretting it down the road. If you have a tattoo that you are ready to part with, you can do so with confidence. For tattoo removal Chicago plastic surgeons offer the latest in technology.

The Art Of Choosing Tattoo Designs

One of the most regretted tattoo designs a person can get is the name of their sweetheart etched onto their body. Some people will hear the horror stories about selecting such a tattoo design and will still request this kind of body art, but just think of how it feels to cut ties with the one you love and all you have left is a tattoo design in bold colors and expressive design to remind you every day of the former love of your life?

Choosing A Tattoo Style That Fits Your Body Type – Four Perfect Tattoo Art Work Designs

Finding the perfect tattoo style for your body can be a pain, but these tattoo art work designs will give you a clearer idea of your choices. When choosing the best tattoo style for you, there will be times when you run into a confusing number of designs and art work.

How Are Tattoos Made?

A lot of times when we are actually thinking of getting a tattoo, we think of a really lengthy and dreadful process. This is oftentimes an absolute dreadful thought. Many people won’t even dream of choosing or acquiring a tattoo just because of their idea of what the process involves or what they have been led to believe.

Get an Exciting Star Tattoo Design

Star tattoos are among the hottest tattoo designs to be found. Stars can convey a deep meaning through their commonly understood symbolism. But a star tattoo design can also be very personal in its meaning. Its universal message of strength and guidance is still very compelling.

Choose The Right Tattooist

So what is the symbolism behind the anchor tattoo design. Also many sailors would get an anchor tattoo after their first crossing of the Atlantic. You see a man might get an anchor tattoo to show that his girlfriend is the stability in his life. Anchor tattoo designs are one of the oldest types of tattoos.

The Art of Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Designs, From Sleeve To Back Piece To Flash Work

So, you want to get a tribal shoulder tattoo design. There are countless ways you can go, from sleeve, to back piece, but you will need to know some basic, but forgotten, knowledge of shoulder tattoo placement, among other things.

Top 3 Popular Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo designs are chosen very carefully. The first reason is that they are permanent. The second reason is that they must represent specific meaning and symbolism. It is specifically because of this reason that three types of designs are the most popular. These designs are Crosses, Stars and Animals.

How To Do Henna Tattoos?

How to do henna tattoos is not a difficult question to answer. You won’t need professional henna artists. All you need to do is, follow some simple steps and you are ready to show off your cool new tattoo. Let us now learn an easy way of doing the henna tattoo.

Small Feminine Tattoos

Small feminine tattoos have been a part of the human culture for many thousands of years, the early Christians used small tattoo designs as a symbol of recognition for a while. Even a body that was 9000 years old which was excavated recently had a tattoo on it!

What Do I Need to Know About Tattoos?

Have you ever wondered about a tattoo? Do you know what getting a tattoo entails, or how to find a good tattoo artist? Well we have the answers to all your tattoo questions here!

Tattoo Designs to Choose From

Choosing a tattoo design should be interesting and fun. Here are 3 different styles of tattoo design for you to choose from.

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