The most tattoo friendly jobs: 10 examples

This video includes a list of 10 jobs that are friendly to tattoos. Do you know another jobs that allow visible tattoos? If yes, write us about it in the comments!

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Locating Good Tattoos For Girls by Using the Fast Method

If you’re struggling just to find one small collection of good tattoos for girls, you’re not alone. Millions of women go through this, but one very simple “switch” can change the outcome of this. I’m going to show you the simplest and fastest way to bypass so much of the awful, generic artwork around the web, while finding galleries that post good tattoos for girls and totally original designs.

Finding a Tattoo For a Woman – Locate the Sites That Always Have Great Art

Picking out the right tattoo for a woman can be fairly though, if not impossible. It doesn’t have to be that way, but it usually ends up like that, because 95% of you keep getting dragged to artwork sites that have bundles of awful, generic designs.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo – Locating Awesome Artwork For This Great Style

If you are determined to find the perfect cherry blossom tattoo, you’ll want to listen up. There’s a very big chance that you’re about to get lost in a maze filled with terrible, generic art. Over 95% of people go through this mess. A quick and painless change to how you look for a cherry blossom tattoo, though, can bring you to galleries that put up tons of fresh, high quality designs.

Locating Websites Full of Crisp Pics of Tattoos the Fast Way

The web is saturated with bad, generic pics of tattoos, which is all most people get to see. I hate seeing this, because nobody should have to waste whole days clicking through generic artwork. That is exactly why I wrote this, because you can quickly change this around. Here’s the simplest way to find big collections of crisp, well drawn pics of tattoos.

Tribal Sleeve Tattoo – Locating Awesome Tribals the Faster Way

You’re determined to locate the perfect tribal sleeve tattoo of your dreams. You need to know that 95% of men never find good, high quality designs, though. Instead, they usually end up spending a majority of their time trying to weed through packs of bad, generic art. With the next set of tips, though, you can easily work your way to galleries that have tons of awesome, original tribal sleeve tattoo designs.

Ankle Tattoos – Locate Galleries Filled With Sensational Designs

Whether you already have ankle tattoos, or you’re searching for your very first design, you need to know something. Without the proper method of finding good collections, you will probably wind up stuck in a maze of websites that put up tons of bad, generic artwork. Nobody should be spending all of their time staring at cookie cutter ankle tattoos, which is why this next set of info is very valuable.

Will You Live to Regret That Tattoo?

Despite tracing its origins back to Neolithic times, tattooing has gone through periods of popularity and unpopularity, just like any other social trend, particularly in western cultures. Currently, the art is going through a revival and tattoos are more popular than ever. This has also been as a direct result of new technology in machine design and inks enabling artists to produce work that wouldn’t be out of place in some art galleries. Body adornment has also received a boost from the number of celebrities openly sporting ‘ink’ – both men and women.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Most people imagine that laser tattoo removal involves ‘burning’ the tattoo out of the skin. The reality is much simpler in method and far less painful than most people think. Laser tattoo removal is carried out using a simple process of employing short bursts from a laser, which create intense pulses of light. Each pulse passes through the top layers of the skin and is absorbed into the tattoo pigments that sit below.

Tattoos Still Visible in a Recession?

In a time of severe economic recession, luxury purchases are the first thing to get crossed off most people’s lists of priorities. You would think that getting a tattoo would fall into that category, but the figures suggest that the exact opposite is true. Tattoo studios are in fact reporting an increase in business, not a decrease.

Top 5 Cat Tattoo Designs

For feline pet lovers, cat tattoo designs are not merely a trend; it is a deep personal expression of one’s self. Although there are many cat lovers walking on this planet, as many as the kinds of cats there are maybe, you can still have a cat tattoo design that would surely stand out from the rest.

What Are the Major Risks of Getting Inked?

True, tattooing procedures have improved a lot over the past 20 years or so. There are very good systems for keeping tattoo equipment clean and sterile, and the vast majority of tattoo artists do put customer safety first.

Things to Ponder Before Getting a Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is something that you must consider very carefully. This is a commitment that will be on your body for the rest of your life. If you are undecided about getting a tattoo, there are many resources to get all the information you need before making your final decision.

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