These Old School Tattoos By Sailor Jerry Will Make You Wish You Had One

If you have not heard about Sailor Jerry then we have enough reasons to believe that you do not know much about tattoos. Born in 1911, Jerry is one of the greatest tattooists that the world has ever had. Jerry did more than any other single person has done when it comes to the art of tattoos. If you want to see what we mean watch our new video and enjoy these old school tattoos.

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The Best Female Tattoo Galleries Online – Where to Find Them

If you are like most people looking for a tattoo, you probably start your search online. But for some reason, even with thousands of websites it seems almost impossible to find a good, unique, crisp design. What I have found by searching for tattoos online is that you get the same old stuff over and over again. It seems as if site shares with one another a variety of tattoos. So where can you find a unique tattoo online?

How to Find an Awesome Female Tattoo Gallery

If you were like my wife and I trying to find a tattoo online seemed like a joke. We spent countless hours looking for tattoos online and came up empty handed. We went to the tattoo shop and it seems as if all the designs there were the same ones that were online. So where did we end up finding our totally unique tattoos?

Egyptian Eye Tattoo – Finding Awesome Designs

Are you looking for that perfect Egyptian Eye Tattoo? If you are, you had better make sure you are looking in the right places so that you don’t end up with some cookie cutter junk that everyone else has already got themselves inked with. Follow these simple steps and you will have no trouble locating original, creative Egyptian Eye Tattoo designs.

Tattoos For Women – What Are the Perfect Tattoos For Women?

It is a universally accepted fact that women tend to be more concerned about their appearance than men. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a tattoo, women tend to take a hell lot of time in deciding the tattoo design, which would look good on their skin…

Guardian Angel Tattoos – Locate the Freshest and Highest Quality Designs

No rational person should pick Guardian Angel tattoos from a page of generic artwork. This is exactly what goes on though, all throughout the web, because people can’t seem to find anything other than cookie cutter junk. If you are fed up with all of the basic, bad artwork out there, I will provide you with the ultimate solution for finding huge amounts of high quality Guardian Angel tattoos.

Printable Tattoo Designs – the Simplest Path to Amazing Artwork

Hundreds of websites open up their doors every week and offer printable tattoo designs. The bad news here is that all of these newer places are packing their servers with hoards of generic junk, just so they can make the statement of having a lot of artwork to choose from. Even worse is the fact that nine out of ten people only find this type of horrible website, but changing how you search for printable tattoo designs will fix this.

Easy and Effective Ways to Find a Awesome Female Tattoo Gallery

There are many ways to go about finding a tattoo online but most feel joining a female tattoo gallery is the way to go. Basically, a tattoo gallery is place where you join as a member and you can view thousands of tattoos. So what is the advantage of a gallery over just looking online? First, the designs of a female tattoo gallery are much more unique and original. You will not find the same old cookie cutter designs as you do at a tattoo shop or on the websites online. There are new designs added weekly, if not daily so you can rest assure you will find a tattoo to your liking.

Pull on Tattoo Sleeves – A Safe, Easy Way to Get Inked

Pull on tattoo sleeves are your solution to getting inked without all of the pain and expense that a real tattoo would cost. Have you dreamed of getting that full sleeve tattoo but don’t have the guts to do it? Don’t worry; you can still enjoy a tattoo by wearing temporary arm sleeves.

Tattoo Slip on Sleeves – The Secrets Behind Hollywood Style Body Art

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood stars get those great tattoo slip on sleeves that they wear in the movies? Do you agree that those tattoos on Michael in Prison Break were amazing? Just imagine what it would be like to have your own Hollywood style body art!

Girly Sleeve Tattoos – Discover First-Class Tattoo Galleries Without Breaking the Bank

What do you do when you’re in need of some ideas for girly sleeve tattoos? You probably load up your web browser and use the search engine to make a quick search. But wait a minute – is it really possible to make a “quick search” when literally the whole web is plastered with nauseatingly generic designs? The real secret to finding sites that provide girly sleeve tattoos that are sure to amaze your friends has to do with the way you conduct your search. Read this to learn how.

Celtic Lady Tattoos – What Should You Do to Print Out Sumptuously Done Creations?

If you’re doing what everyone else is doing when searching for Celtic lady tattoos online, then bad to average to designs are the best you can expect. To find sumptuously made creations, you have to go against the pack and avoid using the accepted standards of search practice…

Tattoo Removal – Getting Rid of That Tattoo

Tattoo removal is an industry in and of itself. What this means is that many people who once thought it was a great idea to have a tattoo end up regretting it and removing the tattoo. It is estimated that 50 percent of the people who get tattooed end up removing them.

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