Thinking of getting a tattoo? Photos of inked seniors show how body art endures the passage of time

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Best Tattoos in the World – Best Tattoo Artists in the World

Tattoo Removal Options – An Overview

Removing a tattoo can be a painful process. It is not simple by any mean, and can be very tedious on the long run. But often the motivation that moves us to remove it is stronger, and because of it that darned tattoo has to go!

Women Rib Tattoos – Sexy Body Tattoo Design For Women

If you are a tattoo enthusiast, women rib tattoos are considered to be the sexiest location to get a body ink. However, getting a tattoo at the side of your rib is not for the faint hearted. Side rib tattoo is being done on the part which is very close to the bone, the pain during the tattoo process will be more intense because there is less flesh to cushion the penetrating needle.

What is the Perfect Tattoo Design?

Deciding to be tattooed or inked would just be a beginning of a lot of thinking. After having the courage to the idea of getting tattooed, you will then go to the most confusing part of it all – picking the best tattoo art design. Indeed, it could be the most confusing part because there are millions of designs which you could choose from. How would you be able to determine the perfect design that you should put to your body and what are the things that you should consider?

Polynesian Style

Polynesian tattoo designs have become more and more popular in today’s tattoo world. Since there are a lot of wonderful designs which you could choose from. They are becoming popular and famous because they have a very unique pattern and style. So, what are the things that you should learn about the Polynesian design?

Tattoos – Getting Rid of Your Tattoo Ink

Initially, tattoos were identified with prisoners who spend long years in jail. However, in recent years, more and more people are having their skins inked and in different parts of the body as well. Head, neck, arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, the behind, legs, knees, ankles, and the list go on. The clamor for tattoos is so huge that tattoo artists have to take on apprentices to help them in their business.

Tattoo Designs – Some Tips on How to Choose the Best Tattoo Design For You

Almost 1 in 4 people between the ages of 18 and 50 have a tattoo, yet many people end up regretting them. Here is a short article on how to choose the best tattoo design for you.

Laser Tattoo Removal

A small but significant minority of tattoo wearers go on to regret their tattoos and wish to have them removed. In days gone by, tattoos were considered permanent and something to be worn for life.

Tattoo Virgin

In the halcyon days of drive-in movies and eight tracks, tattoos had an unsavory reputation and were often associated with smoky biker hangouts and sideshow artists. These days, these colorful images have become one of the hottest forms of self-expression and personal freedom, particularly since celebrities such as Angelina Jolie are no longer shy about flashing their body art on the red carpet.

How to Choose a Tattoo For You

One of the biggest problems that people who want a tattoo face is to think of something to get done. There are literally thousands of designs to choose from so why choose one over another. The task of choosing the right tattoo for you can seem an impossible one but if you break it down then it becomes much easier.

Tattoo Ideas – Secret Sexy Tattoos For Couples

Looking for sexy tattoo ideas for you and your significant other? Sharing a secret, sexy tattoo that is just between you and another person can be very personal and meaningful. Here are some ideas for sexy tattoos that are meant just for couples.

What to Ask Before You Get a Tattoo

Making sure you get the very best tattoo done can be a daunting task for anyone. But this will especially be the case if you are looking for your first piece.

Tattoo History – Where Did Tattoos Come From?

Tattoo history is an integral part of the history of the human race. Tattooing has been very much a part of every major culture. Tattoos were used in Ancient Egypt and throughout the Mediterranean countries. The Romans used them to mark slaves and criminals and as a form of punishment. Women in Ancient Greece used them as beauty marks.

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