This 12-Year-Old Boy is a Real Young Tattoo Artist

His name is Ezrah, but people call him TIBURON, which is spanish for SHARK. He would like to one day call himself a tattoo artist. Right now he is apprenticing which involves lots of drawing, painting and practicing on grapefruits. He’s already inked about twenty people plus countless oranges and grapefruits (they’re good for practice apparently). Ezrah has even tattooed his own math teacher! While there’s no doubt that the kid’s got talent, not everybody agrees with him wielding an ink gun. And what about you?

Visit Ezrah’s Instagram page:

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Body Art Tattoos

Use of a Tattoo Finder when searching for Body Art Tattoos is a must if you want to find a unique Tattoo design to be personalized. Searching for that special Body Art Tattoo from the comfort of your own home would be highly preferred to searching the endless cookie cutter Tattoo Designs found in a studio.

The Tattoo Cover Up

You might like that wonderful tattoo you had inked into your skin, but now it might create unforeseen issues. Possibly the tattoo is seen as an indication that you’re unsuitable to move ahead in your job. Like it or not, there are people who think there is something negative about tattoos, and these same people can be an obstruction to your personal progress and reaching your goals.

The Best Way to Cover Up Tattoos

In ancient Japan criminals were tattooed with rings on their arms, one for each crime committed, so the public would be able to identify them as lawbreakers. As a result, these individuals were looked down upon, treated like outcasts and couldn’t integrate into mainstream society.

Your Options For Tattoo Removal

If you have a tattoo that you want removed, you usually have to go to a doctor’s or plastic surgeon’s office for numerous laser or light pulse treatments, dermabrasion (surgical scraping) or have surgery involving skin grafts. All of these are medical procedures and can involve the use of anesthesia, pain medication, ointments and creams. They also require time for the skin to heal before the next treatments can be applied.

What You Should Know About Tattoo Removal

If you have a tattoo that you want removed for one reason or another, there are several methods available. Most of them are painful and expensive, requiring surgery, but there are a few at-home removal alternatives as well. This article will briefly describe the various procedures available for tattoo removal and the approximate cost of each procedure…

Friendship Tattoo Designs – Finding Galleries Packed With Good Artwork

Some things just don’t add up when you’re skimming the web for friendship tattoo designs. What doesn’t add up is the fact that 90% of people end up seeing the most generic, cookie cutter tattoos. Many people always miss out on the better, high quality art. It doesn’t have to happen to you, though, because there’s a quick solution to finding loads of fantastic friendship tattoo designs.

How to Pull Up Quality Galleries With Images of Tattoos

You don’t want to just see a couple good images of tattoos. You want whole galleries filled with them. You probably aren’t finding the fresh, high quality places, though, just like most people. There’s a quick and painless way around this problem, making it quite easy to find loads of good images of tattoos.

Tattoo Back Designs – Are You Locating Quality Artwork Now?

Some people are extremely lucky and find bundles of quality tattoo back designs. Most, though, are lucky to find even one or two decent pieces, because they get brought to so many generic laced galleries, where cookie cutter artwork is thrown all over the pages. Here’s a simple solution, making it so much easier to find superb tattoo back designs.

Female Chest Tattoos – Your Instant Way to Find the Best Artwork

When you jump on the web to find female chest tattoos, it’s time to stop and think. How are you looking for them? 90% of us look for artwork the wrong way. It can mean the difference between seeing boat loads of generic, cookie cutter designs, and seeing fresh, high quality female chest tattoos.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo – The Simple Way of Finding Great Artwork

You have many options when deciding on ways to incorporate a cherry blossom tattoo. All of this is null and void, though, if you can’t find crisp, original, high quality artwork. The saddest part is that most people fall into this exact category when surfing the web for a good cherry blossom tattoo.

Back Tattoos For Men – Finding Big Galleries of Quality Art

I don’t precisely know when finding good back tattoos for men became so difficult. It has, though. I have witnessed so many guys spend weeks upon end weeding through bundles of generic designs and cookie cutter images. Avoiding this is very simple if you change how you look for back tattoos for men.

Forearm Tattoos – How to Find Big Selections of Amazing Artwork

When you slide over to your computer to find forearm tattoos, something is going on. You are most likely getting dragged to so many generic laced galleries, where your only real option is to tread through boat loads of cookie cutter designs. Stopping this trend is simple, because you have an easy route to big, high quality selections of forearm tattoos.

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