Tongue Splitting Procedure, Cost, Recovery, Perspective

Tongue splitting, also known as forking the tongue, is one of the newest trends. The tongue is divided from the tip toward the back of the tongue for about 3 to 5 cm (1-2 inches), according to patient preference. The result is a bisected tongue, not unlike that of a lizard’s tongue.

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Tattoo Styles That Fit Your Unique Aesthetic – Unique Designs For Your Body

If you have spent any time trying to find just the right tattoo style to fit your sense of aesthetic as well as your body type, you know what a chore it is. Deciding on the most unique tattoo designs is never easy, but the following may offer you a better sense of the art styles available and what might suit you.

Tattoo Designs – Avoid These Tattoo Trends!

If you are looking for tattoo designs, then be sure to avoid these tattoo trends! Here are some tattoo trends which you may be regretful about if you jump on the bandwagon.

Try Printable Tattoo Designs

So you have decided to have that tattoo on your arm. You have figured out how cool it would look like and how your friends would envy you. However, how would you describe it to your designer? How would you show it in its clearest from before you get your skin inked?

Tattoo Heart Designs – Save Your Skin From the Wrong Ink

Unleash the sexy lover in you and get some tattoo heart designs for your skin. Tattoos have been a part of history, art, fashion, and evolution as a whole. Deciding to get a tattoo is not that tough for many. It is a bold step towards reinventing one’s self and being different.

Before You Get Cross Tattoos Designs, Research

Cross tattoos are undeniably very popular. But who says you have to by religious to go get yourself one? A cross tattoo may inevitably bring up religious undertones but it is not for the religious alone.

Tattoo Designs For Lower Back – If You Dare, Wear With Flare

How do you decorate a woman’s body? If you are thinking of accessories, jewelry, and lipstick, you are not far off. Those work, too. But there’s another form of ornamentation for the bold and the courageous – a tattoo!

Why is My Tattoo Fading?

The most common problems with permanent pigments is that the best ones usually are unsafe for use on humans. This in turn leaves the industry with only a few other safe options. Most times, very light fast and permanent colors are being used.

Celebrity Kids Tattoos – Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis is not really a celebrity herself even though she has been appearing in some movies here and there. But the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis seems to have a love for tattoos. The 20 year old as at least 4 tattoos.

Female Tattoo Gallery – Can You Find Good, Fresh Artwork?

You can spend about eight minutes right now and find one female tattoo gallery after another. There’s an obstacle in the way, though. You will have a very hard time finding even “one” site that actually has fresh, quality drawn tattoos. It’s like every site is the same and just take each others generic junk and post it on their pages. Not all places are like that, though, so here’s how to find a female tattoo gallery that really has the quality art you need.

Finding Cute Girl Tattoos Can Be Very Hard If You Want Quality Art

You can find cute girl tattoos that are as generic as they come, but most will not find the fresh, quality art they really want. I am sure you know quite a few girls who ended up picking some cookie cutter tattoo, got it inked and now regrets the decision. There is a reason behind a lot of this. It’s because people just aren’t finding the original artwork, which is why I want to share an easy way to find quality cute girl tattoos without too much trouble.

Searching For a Quality Drawn Male Tattoo on the Net

Wouldn’t it be nice and relaxing if you could find a huge gallery of quality male tattoo designs? It sure would be, but that doesn’t happen for the average guy. In fact, around 85% of us end up stuck in a world of generic junk, where every sites seems to have nothing besides cookie cutter art. That’s all. It doesn’t have to continue this way, though, and I will show you how to find superb male tattoo designs without much trouble.

Tribal Sleeve Tattoo – Locating Great Tribals and Related Tattoos

It’s not that picking a tribal sleeve tattoo is complicated or hard to manage. It’s that people are having the darnedest time locating sites that have fresh, quality drawn tattoos for them. Everyone keeps seeing generic junk and old cookie cutter designs wherever they go. It’s like the really good artwork has disappeared. Actually, it’s still out there and here’s how you find it, so you can pull up sites with fantastic tribal sleeve tattoo selections.

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