TOP 10 Extreme Eyeball Tattoos

Here’s a collection of beautiful portraits of the world’s most extreme people with eyeball tattoos. In fact, be careful – poor eyeball tattoo application can get you blind!

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Tattoo Design Choice – Part 2

Here is some advice about Tattoo Designs and how to choose a Unique and Individual Tattoo Picture that you know no one else in the world will have.

Special Ideas For Armband Tattoo Design

When you choose upon having a tattoo armband design, the next step is to always go and check out what’s tattoo designs are out there, simply by looking at what latest styles are gracing arms everywhere.

Three Steps To Finding A Tribal Tattoo For Woman

More and more women are opting to have tattoos, making it commonplace to observe women wearing tribal tattoos and other such body art. A couple of generations ago, fewer than 10% of women wore a tattoo, now that number is over 60%. So when you’ve decided that a tribal tattoo is definitely what you want, how should you go about finding the right one?

Five Things You Didn’t Know About African Tattoo And Tribal Designs

With the current resurgent trend in tribal tattoos, its surprising that African tattoos are not much more common in the western world of body art designs. However as beautiful as African Tribal designs are, do you understand the meanings behind them?

Tattoo Design Choice – Part 1

Here is some advice about Tattoo Designs and how to choose a Unique and Individual Tattoo Picture that you know no one else in the world will have…

Tattoo Removal Procedure

Tattoo Removal Procedure Details.

Things To Consider When You Want To Get A Tattoo

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Here are some pointers on choosing a tattoo type and finding a good tattoo parlor.

All About Angel Tattoos

The Angel is a spiritual being created by God. The word angel comes from a Greek word meaning “messenger” or “one who is sent.” Angles have been depicted throughout history as God’s messengers and soldiers. They delivered His word and carried out His punishments upon mankind.

All About The Cross Tattoos

It is not known when the first cross image was made. However, after circles, crosses are on of the first symbols drawn by children of all cultures. As a basic design motif, the cross has appeared in pottery, weaving, carving and painting artifact of many ancient cultures. Cross symbols were used in the older, pagan religions.

The History of The Dragons and why Dragon Tattoos Are So Popular

According to the Webster-Merriam Dictionary, the word dragon is Middle English, from Anglo-French dragun, from Latin dracon. The definition of dragon is: ยท A mythical animal usually represented as a monstrous winged and scaly serpent with a crested head and enormous claws. ยท Or someone who is formidable

The History of Tattoos

The word, Tattoo, comes from the Polynesian word, “tatao” which means “to tap” or “to mark something.”

All About Tribal Tattoos

In recent years, Tribal Tattoos have enjoyed a revival. The originals go beyond the intertwined stripes of black shapes that are common today. Many of the ancient tattoo patterns have given away to swirls, spikes, knots, and totems that come from the imagination of the creator rather than any of the ancient tribes.

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