Types And Placements of Tattoos Men Find Hot and Attractive On Women

You know tattoos are hot on men. So hot. But have you ever wondered what tattoos men find totally hot on you? Take a look at the types and placements of tattoos men find attractive on women if you want to know how to please your boyfriend! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24VSNvYQXJo

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Star Tattoos – Why Are They So Popular?

The star tattoo is one of the most commonly requested types of custom design. A star is one of the classic tattoo designs, as it is all things to all people. Star tattoos are extremely popular for a number of reasons.

How To Find The Right Tattoo Artist

Getting tattooed is a highly personal experience so it’s important to find the right artist for your needs. So to make sure that you’ve found a top quality professional, consider these points.

How To Choose What To Have Tattooed On Your Body!

There are so many choices out there, here is help to figure out what your new tattoo style could be!

Tattoo Gallery – Where To Find Your Tattoo!

Finding a tattoo gallery to search out your ideal tat, can be exhausting if you don’t know where to look. Here are 3 options for tattoo galleries which will bring you inside and outside in your search for the ideal tat!

Sun Tattoo Design

The Navajo Indians, Aztecs, Egyptians, and countless other cultures have worshipped a sun god at one time or another. Most often, there was a sense that the sun could heat the body one a cold day, and thereby keep humans alive and functioning. On the other hand, it was believed that – if the sun god was so displeased – the god could try to kill its worshippers by drying up the land, killing crops and animals, not providing rains for water, and thereby killing people.

Skull Tattoo Design

I like to dip my French fries in my chocolate shake at fast food joints. I also put hot sauce on everything from pizza to macaroni and cheese. What does this have to do with tattoos, you ask? Because, what one person finds appealing, another may not. Personally, I do not find skulls tattoos up to my tastes. Nevertheless, there are so many varieties of skull tattoos, and the designs, that apparently, some people DO like them!

Cool Tattoo Design

Everybody wants to have a cool tattoo design. There have been so many boons to the craft in recent years, that the practice of tattooing has prospective artists turning from traditional paintings on canvas, to making average people their own personal Picasso. If there is one thing any person who is showing off a new tattoo wants to hear, it is, “Wow – that is a cool tattoo design!” I am pretty sure that a tattooist enjoys hearing that about his or her work as well!

Tattoo Art Gallery

If you are very interested in getting a tattoo, then please, Please, PLEASE shop around! Every tattoo artist has his or her own personal tattoo art gallery in the form of pictures that they have take of their past tattoo designs. Nowadays, many tattoo artists have actually taken art classes, and are very good at what they do.

Total Tattoo Book

So many tattoo books and so many different ideas for a prospective tattoo buyer. Why is it that the people who should be writing these books – specifically tattoo artists with years of experience – never really do? I love to watch the new series, Miami Ink, because it seems to personify the normal routines of the average tattoo artist. From the slip-ups (Did you catch the guy who went in for an Italian-styled tattoo that read, “per sempre” meaning “forever”, but accidentally got a “pre sempre” tattoo, meaning – well, it means nothing, actually!), to the price haggling over a specific original work, it really is an interesting series to watch – especially if you like tattoos!

500 Design Tattoo

Many tattoos of the Twentieth Century have been based upon mythological creatures. Unlike the past centuries, the mythology behind many of the subjects of lore have become a lot more fantastic and alluring to people of all ages nowadays. Still, there are those few groups (I usually like to call Bible-pounders) that believe the entire ideas behind tattoos are Satanic and blasphemous. I will always say, “To each his own.” That philosophy works with everything for me. Don’t like the radio station? Change it! Not interested in what is being played on the television? Turn it off! Don’t like tattoos? Don’t get one! Geez, is this that difficult?

Armband Tattoo Design

I have seen many armband tattoo designs in my lifetime, and I am not that old! Many times, they have been tribal, Celtic, or some significant design. Like have always said, the significance of a tattoo lies specifically with the bearer of the artwork. However, there is a bit more history that many armband presenters do not realize. Sure, it is very cool looking when you have some great, sexy biceps, but the underlying meaning have again been lost in translation.

Design Heart Tattoo

The heart has gone from a simple muscle in a body, to the symbol of love as far back into history an one can imagine. Who ever thought that so many meanings could come out of one simple picture? From Valentine’s Day (Hallmark and florists probably LIVE for that day!) to the arrow-wielding cherub we lovingly call Cupid, the word “love” is no longer necessary! There is no need to spell out “love” at the end of a letter, since it is simpler t o draw a heart shape to suffice.

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