Underboob Tattoos – Tattoo Designs for Girls

Best Tattoos in the World – Best Tattoo Artists in the World.

Earn Money by Coming Up With Cool Temporary Tattoo Designs

If you’re talented with a pencil, paper and some coloring materials, you can earn money part-time by being a designer for these custom fake tattoos. Where are you going to look for clients?

Cover Up For Tattoos By Choosing The Right Kit

Cover up for tattoos can work flawlessly if you know how to choose the right kit. This article provides a complete guide to choosing the most appropriate kit.

Don’t Make A Lifetime Of Mistakes By Making These Tattoo Blunders

A tattoo can be life altering. Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re going huh? How is a tattoo life altering?

Tattoo On Wrist Pain – Will You Survive It?

Tattoo on wrist pain is one of the common questions tattoo enthusiasts have and are interested to find out before getting inked on that area. This article debunks some myths and sheds some light based on personal experience.

Henna Tattoos – How to Get a Henna Tattoo

This article gives advice on where to find a henna artist. Once you find an artist, what should you look for when getting a henna tattoo.

Tattoo Healing Process – How to Prevent Tattoo Fading

Protecting your tattoo to get the best results as well as a tattoo that will last you a lifetime starts before you ever have a single dot of ink on your skin. In fact, it starts before you ever even walk into the shop to get your ink done. Protecting your tattoo starts right at the planning stages.

Tattoo Designs With Meaning – What Does A Tattoo Design Really Mean?

We all have our own interpretations of tattoos with meaning and what they actually mean. But have you ever wondered what certain tattoo designs actually mean and what tattoo would be most suitable to you once you know what it actually means?

Specific Tips to Remember When Obtaining a Tattoo

There are going to be many factors why you must get a tattoo, but there are also as many reasons why you should not. If you are to really consider getting a tattoo, you should take a look at this Crazy Tattoo Design Review, so that you can have a glimpse of a resource that offers customers with a wide range of tattoo design choices. It will likely be a beginning, but there will be other considerations that you have to make.

No Longer Want That Tattoo? Ways To Get Your Tattoo Removed

Too many people jump into getting a tattoo without really thinking it through. Perhaps they were following a trend, or they decided for whatever reason to get that certain tattoo and are now regretting it, and wanting to get it removed. Such as in the case of a breakup or divorce, and the never should’ve got it tattoo that includes the ex’s name or worse yet, picture.

Describing Chopper Tattoos

You might ask, what are chopper tattoos? What makes it so different from the normal tattoos? There are a lot of differences which make a chopper different and unique in itself. First of, the term chopper tattoos comes from the distinct motor cycles bikers ride. There are usually called choppers due to the customized parts and appearance of their motor cycles which are usually Harley Davidson bikes. The chopper tattoos is what also identifies biker gangs. These gangs are what you see in the movies or televisions shows wearing leather jackets, dark sun blocking shades, bandannas and riding off into the sun with their loud and roaring motorcycles. It signifies their membership or belonging in these gangs and bike organizations or clubs.

Getting a Tattoo Without Regretting It

The days of outlaws, rebels or so-called troublemakers being the only ones getting inked with a tattoo machine are long gone. These days, it seems like everyone has a tattoo of one size or another, in just about every bodily place imaginable.

A Close Examination of Shoulder Tattoo Designs

A decade or more ago is like ancient times when considering the history of shoulder tattoo designs. In past times a shoulder tattoo design was considered a masculine tattoo and generally only men would bear a design on the shoulder. The most common areas for a woman to be tattooed would be ankle ankles, belly or wrist, or maybe the lower back area where a tattoo would be referred to as a tramp stamp.

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