What Heavily Tattooed People Talk About Their Tattoos?

British photographer Alan Powdrill captured the beauty of a tattooed person with and without their clothes on and with and without their tattoos showing. The models share their stories and their relationships with their tattoos and they talk all that they think about their tattoos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2dqcmAYLlA

Credits; http://www.alanpowdrill.com/

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How to Make Sharp, Long-Lasting Henna Tattoos

Here’s an instant henna tattoo-making guide on henna pen selection, drawing, aftercare and precautions. You need not be a professional artist to create long-lasting henna tattoos. With just a little practice, you can start personalised henna body decoration. For creating complicated henna tattoos, use a stencil. Also, instead of preparing henna paste, use a tube containing pre-made henna extracts.

Be Careful With Name Tattoos

Tyrese Gibson is no stranger to the tattoo gun. The male model/actor has several tattoos of his own. He has also revealed to Life & Style Magazine that he loves it when woman have tattoos. He truly thinks they are sexy. In fact Tyrese loves it when a girl gets his name tattooed on them because it lets him know that he is serious. However, you young girls and girls out there in general should know that getting someone else’s name tattooed on you is a big no no.

Forearm Tattoos – How to Locate Big Selections of Perfect Artwork

It’s not just about pulling up a tiny collection of forearm tattoos. It’s about yanking up big, high quality artwork galleries full of them. Nobody seems to be able to locate those better places, though. Instead, they end up getting stuck in the middle of galleries that post nothing but bad, generic junk everywhere. You can instantly change this around, though.

Finding Great Tattoos and the Galleries With Tons of Them

When you think of great tattoos, what kind of artwork sticks into your mind? It would be fresh, original, well drawn artwork, right? Well, if you want to find lots of that type of tattoo art, you might want to change how you look for them, because without this change, you could end up picking through loads of terrible, generic stuff.

Female Chest Tattoos – Instantly Locating the Better Artwork

You will put a lot of effort into selecting the right female chest tattoos for your tastes. With that said, a lot of it will be for nothing if you don’t “look” for them the right way. I say this because a huge percentage of you will end up weeding through tons of terrible, generic artwork, instead of getting to the websites that have big collections of nice, high quality female chest tattoos.

Back Tattoos For Men – Pulling Up Big Galleries of Quality Art

You should be excited to begin searching for back tattoos for men. Many guys are not excited, though, because they always follow the same path, which leads them right to the most generic laced galleries that are packed with mounds of cookie cutter junk. If only there was a direct way to pull up so many of the collections of back tattoos for men that are fresh, original and well drawn.

Tattoo Drawings – Locating Sites Filled With Crisp, Well Drawn Designs

Don’t think for a second that you’ll instantly be able to find the best tattoo drawings. I say this because about 90% of men and women head in the opposite direction, where they are led to awful galleries, which post a bunch of generic junk. All it takes is one simple switch, though, and you will be well on your way to original, high quality tattoo drawings and the sites that have them.

Cute Girl Tattoos – Getting the Nice, Quality Art You’re Looking For

While your tastes in cute girl tattoos will differ from the next person, something else won’t. Everyone wants to pick from nice, high quality designs. Do you know how large of percentage of women are not finding that perfect artwork, though? It’s a huge percentage, but there’s also a way to flip it around, all while getting you to crisp, well drawn cute girl tattoos.

The Hottest in Polynesian Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Polynesian tattoo designs are quickly becoming the new standard in tribal. The best thing about these is that Polynesian tattoos truly go back to the roots of tribal tattoo designs done by native cultures. They give a nod of respect tot he deep history of tattooing while also giving the person who gets such a tattoo a unique design that is going to stand out from the crowd.

The Great Tattoo Debate – Where Do You Fall – Know History Or History Doesn’t Matter

Do you think it is important to know something about the design of the tattoo and the historical perspective of the meaning and symbolism behind the design before you get it inked on your body permanently. Or do you think that does not really matter because you will ascribe your own meaning and symbolism to it anyway and it is a design that you just want so it doesn’t matter? Where do you fall on the debate?

Top 4 Killer Tattoo Design Ideas – Make Your Tattoo As Individual As You

Ideas for tattoo designs are virtually endless. No matter what base you start with, you can design and make your tattoo your own with a little imagination and work. If you want a truly unique, killer design that will really stand out, start with these four categories of art:

Tribal Eye Tattoo – Tips on Getting Your New Tattoo!

Have you finally made that heart-wrenching decision to get a tribal eye tattoo? If so, know that you need to do some research in regards to your new ink.

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