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It’s Hard To Understand Why These People Did This to Their Bodies…For Fun? For many people, body modification is a way of life. In the same way sports fanatics live and breathe football or baseball, an equally large number of people live and breathe body modification. In many ways, body modification is an art form. However, it can be shocking to the uninitiated, especially the more extreme forms of modification. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4plfWJwCN_E

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How to Find Tattoo Designs Online!

Looking for a tattoo design? have you been searching the web like a mad man for quality designs and keep getting low quality designs. Look no further, here I will teach you how to find top quality tattoos fast and easily.

Female Chest Tattoos – Best Tattoo Designs For Chest

The upper chest and breast area are extremely popular areas for women to get tattoos, it offers a great canvas and is see by all types of different women and personalities. It is also very easy to cover up just in case you are in a professional or environment where it may be offensive to show.

Foot Tattoo Designs – Best Tattoos For Foot and Ankle

Foot Tattoos are tough, and they are deceptively painful – in fact they are one of the hardest places to get a tattoo. Do not worry though, if the tattoo design is worth it, then it shouldn’t matter right?

Shoulder Blade Tattoos – What is the Best Tattoo For the Shoulder?

What are the best tattoos for the shoulder? You can find out today and quickly!

A Little Intro to Beautiful Japanese Tattoos

As we know one of the places where tattooing is heavily practiced as a beautiful art form and with the greatest skills level is Japan. The history of tattooing there dates back to the fifth century where historians found clay figurines (haniwa) in a grave that show distinct facial marks. These marks are believed to be early forms of tattoos that represent decorative and religious functions.

Popular Tattooed Body Parts – Popular Places to Tattoo on Your Body!

Are you trying to find the exact perfect place to put your tattoo? You should start today as there are tons of ingenious places that you can place your tattoo.

The Relevance of Angel Tattoo Designs

“Angel” in Hebrew is mal’ak meaning messenger of God. They are the unseen in the “all that is, seen and unseen” which god created. They exist to praise god and to bear his message of love to all.

Best Tattoo Designs – Find the Best One For You!

Are you trying to find the best tattoo design for you? It is highly important that you start today and quickly find out what a great tattoo means to you!

Most Painful Places to Get Tattoos – Try to Avoid These Areas!

Here are some of the most painful places to get a tattoo – you should avoid these at all costs unless you want to see a tattoo hurt you like never before. If it has significant meaning, or you think it will improve your overall image – then you should definitely consider! Behind the ear is a great tattoo that is very attractive for both sexes.

Great Tattoos For Girls – How to Find Unique Tattoo Designs

Get that tattoo you are absolutely looking for! You can definitely start immediately!

Wait it Out

One of the hardest things for a tattooed person to do is resit the temptation to get another tattoo. Tattoos have an very strange controlling power over people, kind of like an addition. So if you are a weak person and can succumb to cravings very easily you want to stay away from the tattoo world all together.

Popular Types of Tattoo Removal

With the popularity of tattoos in today’s society it is inevitable that tattoo removal will also become a major factor in the next few years. Be sure you know all the common ways to remove a tattoo, costs and pain before you go on with a procedure.

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