You’ll Be Shocked By What This Kid Did To His Face ★ Extreme body modification BEFOR & AFTER

You’ll see in this video a deep transformation from normal-looking guy to world’s biggest body modification enthusiast shows a drastic change in lifestyle and what happened along the way. You don’t often get to see this type of transformation up close, especially with each step captured in the moment. This is also not a journey for those with weaker constitutions. Some of these modifications are pretty extreme.

Here you’ll find more information about Brownie and watch the film with him “My Own Skin “:

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Quality Tribal Shoulder Tattoos Are Very Hard to Find

The way most of you search, not many of you will find the good, quality drawn tribal shoulder tattoos you are after. Most people looking for tribals will end up at sites that have the same generic junk thrown everywhere, and the same cookie cutter tribals that a million people have tattooed on their skin.

Searching For Great Tattoos Online – Bypassing Generic Art

It’s no secret that each of us wants to find great tattoos and not settle for less. This is most people’s mind set when they start, but many of you will pretty much give up, and settle on some half generic tattoo. This is a common occurrence, because so many people aren’t finding the sites that feature good, quality drawn tattoo artwork.

Gemini Zodiac Tattoos Phenomena

Gemini zodiac tattoos are a huge phenomena within tattoos circles, and seems like Gemini tattoos are getting more and more popular. There are few reasons behind that fact. Gemini zodiac tattoos carry with them a deep and rich symbolic meaning. Gemini tattoos are good looking and make great tattoo designs.

Choosing a Gemini Zodiac Tattoo

If you were born from May 22 to June 21 then Gemini zodiac tattoos could be great for you. Even if your zodiac sing is different than Gemini you still can appreciate it for the fact that you may have a child, a wife, a sibling that maybe a Gemini. Twins is the sing that represent the Gemini zodiac sing.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Tattoo Characteristics

Gemini belongs to the rationalists air sings, and to the changing zodiac sings group. In this group the sings transfer energy from place to place, and the group members tend to change themselves and change their habits.

Making a Statement With Ultraviolet Tattoos

Body art has been around for thousands of years, and its purpose has certainly varied. Some cultures used body as a distinguishing sign of their role within their tribe. Sometimes, body art was used to mark out a person as being a criminal. However, today body art is a way to honor certain aspects of the wearer’s life, and also to make an artistic statement.

Hebrew Tattoo

Hebrew is Semantic language of the family language of Afro-Asiatic. The Hebrew tattoo craze has exploded since mega celebrities like Britney Spears and Madonna for the tattoos. Soccer start, David Beckham got the matching Hebrew tattoos as testament to devotion and love with his wife. There isn’t an equivalent meaning of every single Hebrew word to American words. Most of the translation sites found over the web would give you the English translation that is closet to the Hebrew word. Basically Hebrew lettering has same set of characters that are used to mean husband as well as human, depending on context. This means, a tattoo which is supposed to mean “I love my husband” could also mean “I love my human”.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

The Sleeve tattoos are becoming increasingly popular amongst men these days and is probably due to the increasing number of celebrity males getting this sort of ink done. A sleeve tattoo can be described as a tattoo which wraps around the upper part of the arm from shoulder to elbow. This is some times referred to as a half-sleeve tattoo while a tattoo which wraps around the arm and extends all the way down to the wrist is known as a full sleeve tattoo.

Polynesian Tattoo Designs – What You Need to Know

There are thousands of tattoo designs to choose from on websites and in catalogs. Tattoos in general are becoming more popular these days and it is tribal Polynesian designs that are becoming increasingly more common. You need to understand that there are two distinct styles when is comes to Polynesian tattoo designs.

Lower Back Tattoo Designs For Women

Article on lower back tattoo designs for women. Advice and recommendations.

Locating a Good Gallery of Tattoos is Getting Harder Every Single Day

The average person will spend a long time looking for a decent gallery of tattoos and still never find one. What 85% of guys and gals end up looking through are sites that stuff their database with as much generic artwork as they can fit. That’s all. This can all be changed around, though, because there’s a very easy way to pull up one great gallery of tattoos after another.

Why Finding Good, Quality Pictures of Tattoo Designs is Harder Now

There’s a very real chance tat you’re looking for pictures of tattoo designs the wrong way. There’s also a very real chance that you are going to encounter nothing but sites that have loads of generic junk and old cookie cutter images to sift through. This is completely normal, though, as most men and women are looking for them the same way. I will explain how to easily change this, so you can find good, quality drawn pictures of tattoo designs with ease.

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