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The regions are challenged to create a masterpiece using bread and a torch. Can they create a piece of art or will they be toast? New episodes every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network. Watch full episodes: prmnt.net/inkmaster

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Picking the Perfect Tattoo For You

Picking a permanent tattoo can be very difficult. I mean this is a design that will be with you forever. I have some helpful information that might help you out like it did for me.

The Sexiest Places to Get a Tattoo

The 12 sexiest places for women to get a tattoo. Some you can guess and others are more creative and unusual.

Female Tattoo Gallery – The Net is Cluttered With Generic Tattoos and Art

Do you know how many women are really able to pin point a fresh, quality female tattoo gallery nowadays? The number is pretty close to 10%. That’s the percentage of people who are actually able to find places that have quality drawn tattoos. Most others will simply settle on one of the generic designs they come across. Here’s how to avoid that, while finding one great female tattoo gallery after another.

Looking For a Quality Drawn Male Tattoo on the Web

I remember looking for a quality drawn male tattoo on the net about four years ago and it was fun and easy. Times have sure changed, though. So many men are finding it nearly impossible to get a hold of even “one” gallery that has any sort of fresh, quality artwork. I started looking into this growing problem and what I found was a big problem with an easy solution. Finding a fantastic male tattoo can be fun once again.

Looking For a Nice Gallery of Tattoos – Locating Fresh Tattoo Galleries Now

If you are having real trouble locating a truly good gallery of tattoos, don’t worry, because you’re not alone. 9 out of 10 people will never even get to “one” website that has fresh, quality drawn artwork, which is a shame. I figured out why that was happening, though, and will show you an excruciatingly simple way to find one great gallery of tattoos after another.

Finding Cute Girl Tattoos and Quality Art is Hard Now

I have witnessed to many women try to search for cute girl tattoos, only to see them wind up looking at nothing but the same generic junk all the time. That’s when I took it upon myself to dive into this subject and see why most people weren’t finding the galleries that truly have quality drawn tattoo art. I found the answer and an easy way to fix it, so that you can finally see the really cute girl tattoos that are on the web.

Upper Back Tattoos – Where’s the Crisp, Fresh Tattoo Art For Your Back?

I was walking down by the beach the other day and couldn’t believe how many people had generic looking upper back tattoos. It’s like nobody is taking their time, or have any pride in picking something original, or at least something with some “flavor”. A lot of this happens because most people just aren’t finding the good, quality drawn tattoo designs on the web. Well, here’s how to find superb upper back tattoos any time.

Artwork For Tattoos – Locating the Quality Tattoo Designs You Are Searching For

You are never going to have a problem finding artwork for tattoos on the internet. What you “will” have problem with is finding the good, quality drawn designs most people cherish. There is just so much generic junk thrown on the web and people just aren’t getting around it. Here’s how to get that accomplished, so you can finally get the quality artwork for tattoos that you are searching for.

Celebrity Tattoos – Lindsay Lohan

This troubled teen star has a handful of tattoos of her own. She even has a very strange white tattoo that looks more like a branding than an actual tattoo. Lindsay has a total of five tattoos, believe it or not…

Finding a Great Tattoo Idea is Easy – You Should Just Know Where to Look

Looking for a tattoo can seem hard, struggling to find that perfect tattoo can be daunting. Are you still struggling to find that perfect tattoo idea?

Printable Tattoo Designs – The Best Way to Guarantee You Love Your Tattoo

Are you considering a new tattoo, but you want to be absolutely sure you will love it forever? This is a good attitude to have considering it is a pretty permanent thing. There is a way to use printable tattoo designs to make sure you love what you put on your body before it is “inked” on. Here is how you do this.

Finding a Quality Drawn Tattoo For a Woman is Getting a Lot Harder

Why has finding a quality drawn tattoo for a woman become such a hard task? It’s actually quite simple to explain. Maybe you don’t even realize that you are seeing the same generic junk and cookie cutter images wherever you go, or maybe you haven’t really tried to look yet. Whatever the case may be, I will show you how to pin point the truly great galleries that have tons of quality drawn artwork, so you can find your perfect tattoo for a woman.

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