Zodiac Signs Tattoos: Libra

Today we’ll show you best libra zodiac signs tattoos. Libra is the Zodiac sign of people whose birthday lies between September 23 and October 22. A classic Libra tattoo is often either the goddess Themis or Justicus holding the scales. It’s a symbol which symbolizes justice. It is not necessary for the tattoo to show the goddess completely, so mostly a hand holding the scales is a popular choice. The most common placement of Libra tattoos is on bicep, forearm, wrist, back, collarbone, neck, and torso. Watch this video with best libra tattoo designs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ITd39RBJH8

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Why Get a Tattoo?

For many of us a tattoo is one of the biggest decisions we’ll ever make. So why do we feel the need to?

Tattoo Today – Wrinkly Regret Tomorrow?

When you are young and impetuous you’re not likely to give much thought to what you’ll look like at forty, fifty or even, heaven forbid, sixty. But here’s something to think about – that teenage or twenty-something tattoo you’ll get will be aging right with you. Depending on where you put your tat, your wrinkles will be your tat’s wrinkles.

The Hottest Literary, Word, and Letter Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

Here are three of the most popular forms of letter tattoo designs and written tattoos. Ambigrams, Foreign languages and graffiti style tattoos are all very popular and hot trends in tattoo designs right now. These might give you some great ideas for getting your own literary tattoo design.

Letter Tattoo Designs in Three Easy Steps For the Ultimate in Word Tattoos

Literary and letter tattoo designs are one of the most popular and current trends yet they have been around forever. It used to be people would get a little word or few words on top of an image but these days more and more people are getting letter tattoo designs that feature a saying a quote or even a poem. Getting a written or word tattoo design can be difficult at first. However, this guide will break it down into three easy steps.

Free Tattoo Designs Online – Stencils, Templates & Flash Tattoos That Are Downloadable and Printable

The tattooing world is indeed an art-filled world. The tattoo itself is considered art. Once you decide to get one, means you’re letting your body be the canvas for this skillful art. But like other important things in life, getting a tattoo requires careful planning. The creation of a masterpiece – that is your tattoo – involves making right and wise decisions.

Are There Natural Tattoo Removal Methods?

For many years, people who added tattoos to their body had little recourse, much less a natural removal method

Tattoos Are Not Just For Top Paid Athletes and Celebrities Anymore!

Getting “inked” has become acknowledged as more than a style statement among top paid athletes, hip hop artist & world class celebrities. Tattoos are performed every day all over the globe by citizens regardless of where they live or where they come from.

Top Old School Tattoo Designs For Real Manly Men Only

When someone thinks of an old school tattoo they usually conjure up images of a tattoo heart with a banner saying “Mom” going through it. However, there are a ton of really great old school tattoo designs. At one point in history these tattoo designs were relegated to the ruff and tumble guys. People like Bikers and sailors often were the main ones getting tattoos. During this time in history women did not get very many tattoos because it was not as socially acceptable.

Black Ink Tattoos, Really? Top Designs For the Hottest and Coolest Tattoos

These days it seems like everyone and their brother or sister is getting a tattoo. The whole world of tattooing has exploded for sure! There are now hit TV series featuring tattoo shops and more and more people are getting tattoos then ever before. One of the things that has fueled this exception growth is the ink used in tattooing. Old school tattoos and not that far back in our tattoo history all tattoos were done with black ink. Black tattoos were the only way to go as there were no other color choices. However, new inks were invented about 10 years ago and have spawned a huge growth in tattoos since tattoos could now come in full color.

Tattoo Removal – Here’s How to Deal With Tattoos That Could Be Preventing You From Getting a Job

If you are having trouble getting a job today it could be due to those visible tattoos. Here are the best ways to either get rid of or cover up those tattoos that could be preventing you from getting a job.

Ankle Tattoos – Locate Sites Full of High Quality Design Choices

Where are you looking for ankle tattoos right now? It’s not just a question to pass some time, it’s a question that can make a huge different in the quality and originality of the artwork you are able to find. Without the proper searching methods, you will probably wind up just like most folks, staring at a huge amount of totally generic designs, but with one simple switch, you can locate amazing ankle tattoos.

Tribal Sleeve Tattoo – Get Awesome Tribals by Locating the Best Artwork Out There

If you plan on getting inked with a generic tribal sleeve tattoo, you won’t need the following info. If you want to choose from crisp, crystal clear artwork, then this article will come in very handy. It deals with how the average person searches for artwork websites, which is where most people make a huge mistake. It’s quite easy to fix, though, which his what will lead you to amazing tribal sleeve tattoo collections.

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