Katie McGowan Returns To Coach | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

Katie McGowan is not letting anyone stand in her way of victory. With her years of experience, the Men’s team better listen up. New episodes premiere every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network!

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The competition may be fierce, but art will be the great equalizer when men are pitted against women on Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes. Teams of male and female tattoo artists battle it out, but only one person will take home $100,000 and the coveted title of Ink Master.


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Kokopelli Tattoo Designs – A Good Niche That Needs Unique Art

You are one of the few people who even know about Kokopelli tattoo designs. Well, you are one of the small numbers of people who actually know the name of this mystical Anasazi flute player. They can make fantastic tattoos, but where do you find the superb artwork on the net? That is a question asked a lot, by anyone searching for images for their next tat on the web. To run past so much of the generic art out there, you will need to know the following information.

Leg Tattoo Design – Finding the Premium Artwork

I am pretty sure that you are the type of person that wants to get the most complete and original leg tattoo design for your individual taste. The fact is that there is so much generic artwork on the net frustrates a lot of people, so I am going to share a couple of tips with you so that you can bypass much of that bland crud, while hurrying right to the superb images.

Where to Find Quality Free Tattoo Patterns

There are tons of free tattoo patterns on the Internet and lining the walls of tattoo parlors around the country. That doesn’t mean these are the best tattoo designs out there, though. When you know where to find quality free tattoo patterns, you can get a better selection to choose from and save money in the process.

Finding a the Perfect Tattoo For Guys – Where to Look?

If you are in the in the middle of looking for a tattoo for guys, you have no doubt looked over your fair share of images on the web. At times it frustrates you, as there is a huge amount of crummy, low end artwork on the net. Everybody wants the truly polished designs available, but most men will end up settling for ones that are far less that stellar. If you hate picking at the same uninteresting material, you need to figure out how to grab a hold of the good art.

Searching For a Thigh Tattoo Design – Where is the Quality Artwork?

If you are in the market and contemplating getting a thigh tattoo design, you have probably gazed at your fair share of images on the net. At times it can be frustrating, as there is just so much bland, low end artwork on the internet. We all want the truly superb designs available, but most individuals will end up settling for much less. If you hate looking at the same horrendous content, you need to know how to unearth the good art.

Locating Great Guy Tattoos – Men Looking For the Great Designs

Finding the superb guy tattoos is a dire need and is necessary to the outcome of what the tattoo will look like on your body. There are still too many men picking “less than” designs that are simply generic and low end. While a percentage of the population might love this kind of artwork, most dudes don’t truly set out to settle for a cookie cutter tattoo. They want to figure out how to find the good image, and I will show you how it’s done.

Best Place to Look For Tattoo Designs

Nowadays people are turning towards the internet to look for new and unique tattoo designs. The internet is acting as a God sent angel as people are able to find thousands of tattoo designs online without paying a penny. Although most of the times the tattoos on these free sites are not really good and the designs are not unique and have lots of flaws in them. There it is better to join a paid site and get access to thousands of unique and beautiful tattoo designs.

Wolf Tattoo Designs – Where is the Good Artwork Out There?

There are probably a dozen reasons as to why you are looking for wolf tattoo designs on the net. There is a huge selection of wolfs to browse through, but the truly original artwork is insanely hard to find in most instances. There are many guys and girls who end up settling for generic art, which many end up regretting. That’s why any person who does a search on the internet will need this following information.

Finding a Tattoo For Women Online – Bypassing Cookie Cutter Art

Getting a great tattoo for women on the net is kind of similar to looking for a new pair of shoes or sneakers. You can look high and low, and everywhere in between, and still not find the exact images you want. Sure, the reasons for not being able to uncover what you want are different; it can be an experience that frustrates you to no end. When you take into account the fact that most girls end up settling for cookie-cutter designs that they aren’t happy with, you can see the issue at hand.

Why You Shouldn’t Settle on Generic Shooting Star Tattoo Designs

A shooting star tattoo can be a truly great piece of art, which can look great on your body if done right. You are probably looking for the fantastic designs that cyber-space has to offer you, which is usually the best (and only!) option to start looking. Too many individuals are having a frustrating experience with the large amount of generic artwork that has taken over the net, though. It’s a tough situation to run into the same bland images over and over again, but there is an easy and efficient way around it.

Mythological and Fairy Tattoos

Tattoos are said to have originated from ancient folklore. These people had a strong belief in fairies, elves, angels, devils and what not. Actually, these people were very superstitious and used to believe in all sort of Gods and divine beings.

Tattoos of Flowers – The Meaning Behind Some of the Most Popular Tattoos of Flowers and Vines

The different tattoos of flowers, and tattoos of flowers and vines have special meanings. Hibiscus flower symbol for delicate beauty. Wild daisy says, “I will think of it.” Colored daisies represent beauty. The Michaelmas daisy bids farewell. The lily…

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