The Funniest Dog Paw Tattoos Ever

Here is a list of people who have gotten tattoos that are exact replicas of their dog’s paw and they are just adorable. These tattoos will live on in loving memory of your best buddy, who remains always with you forever. This is a trend that we can see catching on as a beautiful and personal way of showing your love for your canine companion. Do you have a tattoo of your pet’s paw? Let us know in the comments below!

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The Quickest Way to Find Chinese Letter Tattoos

Finding Chinese letter tattoos can be done quickly and easily by simply changing the way you are searching for them. On first typing in a search on Google for instance, the user is returned with something like 2.4 million results! This can seem quite daunting with so many websites offering information on Chinese tattoos.

Patriotic Tattoo Ideas

Proud of your wonderful country? Want to show your pride by getting a patriotic tattoo? Read this article, and get the best patriotic tattoo ideas…

Feminine Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design

For all those who thought all tattoo designs are unisex, get your facts straight. Cherry blossom tattoos are the one which is exclusively feminine. It is very popular among women. Hey but all you girls out there don’t get blossom ink on a girl’s night out or just because all you teens decide to have a one. It is observed that people who get tattoos just like that without any knowledge of what a particular design means regret it later.

Male Tattoo Pictures – Ideas For Men!

Everywhere you will read about girl tattoo pictures. Tattoos with female attributes, represents female beauty and their character. Girl tattoo lists are available in abundance. But what about males? Are there some tattoos especially for us…tattoos that will symbolize the character and quality of men? Their masculinity! Yes there are plenty of them.

Finding Good Tattoos For Girls the Very Simple Way

What’s the different between good tattoos for girls and designs that are generic, with no originality? The difference is enormous, and you’ve probably been spending all of your time at websites that plop a bunch of generic designs on their server. This happens to about 90% all women when first looking or nice artwork online, but it can be stopped.

Tribal Sleeve Tattoo – Locating Awesome Tribals the Much Faster Way

When it comes to a tribal sleeve tattoo, everyone has their own different tastes. While this will never change, none of it matters if you can’t seem to find crisp, well drawn designs. So many of you are probably missing out on huge quantities of high quality artwork, because of the ways you look for galleries. A simple searching technique can change the kinds of tribal sleeve tattoo designs you get to pick from.

Ankle Tattoos – Locating the High Quality Artwork You Want

Whether you want huge ankle tattoos, or just a small one, you need to find quality artwork. If you look for tattoo art the wrong way, you will join the club of people who see nothing but awful, generic designs. A simple switch in how you start looking for ankle tattoos can go a very long way toward the kind of artwork you run into.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo – The Simple Way of Locating Amazing Artwork

The various shapes, sizes and detail of a cherry blossom tattoo are pretty endless. With that said, none of this will matter if you can’t get to the artwork galleries that post crisp, well drawn designs. If you’re anything like most others, you have, or will wind up going through so many generic laced art websites, while completely missing out on the cherry blossom tattoo collections that are high quality.

Quickly Finding Websites Full of High Quality Pics of Tattoos

You don’t want to wander through pages filled with generic, boring pics of tattoos, right? Nobody likes that, but I bet that this is exactly what is happening to you, because about 90% of all people who begin looking through tattoos online go through this. It’s all about how you are finding artwork and image galleries and I’ll show you the quick and beneficial way.

Locating a Tattoo For a Woman – Finding Websites That Always Post Great Art

Looking for a tattoo for a woman can be close to impossible nowadays. First of all, do you know the percentage of females that fail to find any websites that actually post fresh, crisp, well drawn artwork? Over 90% fail. You can instantly stop this from occurring, though, with just a simple searching technique.

Tattoo Queen Kat Von D and the Future of Tattooing

While the acceptance of tattoos in the mainstream has been growing for some time, with about 15 percent of men in America sporting a tattoo, and 13 percent of women, the growing fame and celebrity of Kat Von D has really brought the art to a high level, as she, more than anybody, is definitely the face of tattooing to the masses. Of course within the inner circles of the subculture there are many great artists which Kat herself respects and considers far more talented. One in particular she has high regard for …

Small Tattoos – Are They For You?

The Small Tattoo Design There is a lot to be said for the small tattoo. If you are really interested in getting a tattoo, but maybe work in a business that would frown on the full on sleeve tattoo, maybe a beautiful little tattoo is the answer for you. Powerful Just because a tattoo is small, does not mean that it is any less significant. Small tattoo designs can be just as detailed and colorful as a large tattoo. Sometimes if can actually convey your message better.

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